I Was Scammed By My Family And This Is How I Coped

I Was Scammed By My Family And This Is How I Coped

The one thing you never thought was possible


This is possibly one of the hardest things to go through in life. Think of the worse possible thing your family could do behind your back and this circumstance is a million times worse than that. I might as well cut right to the chase:

My own family committed credit card fraud in my name.

Yes, you heard it right. I won't get down to the specifics as I still have an ounce of dignity to withhold said family members' name from this article, but the point of this is to tell you that it can be caused by ANYONE, even your own family who you so deeply trust.

The funny part is, I technically knew about it but for all the wrong reasons. The information given to me was shape-shifted into a way that was somewhat truthful and actually a lie all in the same sentence. I was told I was an activated user. That I had just as much control over the account as they (my family member) did. That was in fall of last year. Fast forward to now where I recently just looked at the 4 digit credit card debt that so magically appeared within my credit score documents.

I was scared.

I was scared, deeply confused, and concerned. All this time I was in college this was the last thing I had to worry about. I had my own priorities: college tuition, phone bills and car insurance. I called up the bank companies and when they asked for my 'account number' where I found out the most heartbreaking news.

The account was only in my name, but I wasn't the one using it

At this point you already get what happens, but what you don't comprehend are the emotions running through your body when something like this happens. Your heart hurts from the betrayal caused by family; inducing your overall sadness. Your blood boils to what feels like the point of no return.

But strangely enough, I still had the patience for forgiveness. I heard their side of the story and from what seemed like hours I realized that it wasn't in their best intention for what they had done. They promised that they would aid me in helping fix my debt soon enough, and now it is all apart of the waiting process.

This was probably one of the most heart wrenching things that could have ever been done by a family member. I thank myself for my own subtle reaction to this circumstance as I feel like any other person would flip bricks and make a big deal about it because in reality it is a big deal. Anyone can grab ahold of your information and rip it from under your feet in an instant; it's THAT easy.

One thing I suggest is to stay calm in any sort of this situation. A frantic brain will not get you anywhere towards solving the problem. Be cautious and alert with your friend/family member and try to find the cause behind them attempting to steal your identity. It could be a simple misconception but always be open and optimistic before placing the blame on them.

This unfortunate event is becoming more increasingly common among people all across the nation. Although it can be prevented, all you can do is stay alert and be aware that it can happen to anyone. If it does happen to you: be calm, stay collected, and the rest will come easy.

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A list Of 15 Inspiring Words That Mean So Much

A single word can mean a lot.

Positivity is so important in life. A lot of times we always go to quotes for empowerment but I have realized that just one word can be just as powerful. Here is a list of inspiring words.

1. Worthy

Realizing your self-worth is important. Self-worth can really make or break a persons personality. Always know that you are worthy of respect. And also, never compare yourself to others.

2. Courage

Be courageous in life. Life has so many opportunities so do not be scared to grasp any opportunity that comes your way. You have the ability to do anything you have your heart and mind set to do, even the things that frighten you.

3. Enough

When you are feeling down and feeling that nothing you do is ever good enough, know that you are more than enough. And yes there is always room for improvement but when it comes to my self-worth I always have to remind myself that I am enough.

4. Blessed

Be thankful. A lot of times we forget how blessed we are. We focus so much on stress and the bad things that are going on in our lives that we tend to forget all of the beautiful things we have in life.

5. Focus

Focus on your goals, focus on positive things, and focus on the ones you love. Do not focus on things that will keep you from not reaching your goals and people that do not have good intentions for your life.

6. Laugh

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8. Seek

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9. Faith

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10. Live

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11. Enjoy

Enjoy everything that life has to offer. Enjoy even the littlest of things because, as I said before, life is short. And plus, there is no time to live life with regrets.

12. Believe

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13. Serendipity

A lot of times we look for things to fill an empty void that we have. Usually what we are looking for comes when we are not looking at all. Your serendipity will come.

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15. Love

The world is already full of so much hate, so love unconditionally with all your heart.

Cover Image Credit: Tanveer Naseer

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It's Time To Take More 'Me Time'

Did you ever stop and think about how important "me time" is?


I know it's not everyone's first priority to think about just hanging out by themselves for a day, but why isn't it? Self-care is so important and some people don't do enough of it. Here are some way you can get some me time in, while still having a productive day.

Me time doesn't just mean relaxing

Yes, sometimes we all need a break, maybe it's just taking a long shower, laying in bed for an extra hour, or treating yourself to a yummy dessert. But, having me time doesn't necessarily mean you can't be productive. Have yourself a day and learn to enjoy your own company. Being around family and friends is certainly nice, but sometimes taking some time to yourself and collecting your own thoughts is good for your health.

It's okay to say no

No thanks. It's something that some people don't realize that it's okay to say no, just let them know beforehand. Such a cleshay, but it's not going to change anything if you say no to hanging out with your friends for one night. Take a night off and put on a movie or your favorite tv show and chill in bed with some of your favorite snacks.

Schedule it

We schedule classes and dentist appointments in our daily lives, but why don't we schedule me time? Sometimes just telling yourself that you're going to give yourself 20 minutes before your next task gives you a time dedicated to relax and collect your thoughts. It may seem funny to think about, but this is how you will be able to fully remind yourself, and hold yourself accountable, to giving yourself some alone time.

Treat yourself

Do it. Buy it. Now. Second guessing is first nature, but who needs a second opinion when your gut is telling you one thing? Once in awhile it's good to get yourself a sweet dessert or the new pair or shoes you've been eyeing.


Journaling is something that I spent a lot of time doing in High School, but once I entered College I never really had the time or motivation to do any reflecting. Reflecting on your life doesn't even mean writing it down in documentation, but even just taking 5 minutes before you fall asleep, let your thoughts sink in and evaluate certain things in your life you want to change, and cherish the moments that you will think about for the rest of your life.

Never feel guilty for taking time to yourself. Others will understand, but in the end, they're not you! Remember that taking me time is important for your overall health and encourage everyone around you to do it. Keep in mind that carving out some time for yourself is vital for the long run. Laugh and smile more.

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