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Essential Things to Know Associated with Packaging


If you are a regular cannabis user and want to save yourself the time of grinding the cannabis. Then rolling it into a joint, you can use ready-made joints rolled and packed for you to enjoy. Although some may enjoy the ritual, pre-rolls save you the effort of wasting your time in the careful ritual of preparing the joint by yourself. With the increasing use and growing industry of cannabis and other drugs, the pre-roll business is thriving. The demand among cannabis users for pre-roll and pre-roll boxes is increasing by the day.

What are pre-rolls made of?

Pre-rolls are primarily made of paper, cannabis, and a filter. The contents of a pre-roll are primarily composing of cannabis and sometimes mix with tobacco. For more regular users who are more accustomed and tolerant. There are pre-rolls available with other more potent concentrates infuse in the joint. The filter keeps the cannabis from getting into the mouth and avoids the consumer's lips from charring.

Pre-roll packaging

Let us get into the details of how we can make the pre roll boxes up to the mark to make our pre-roll business thrive amidst increasing competition in the market. We will have a look into how we can formulate efficient packaging by looking into our options for packaging materials and the requirements for keeping our product safe and effective.

Requirements for efficient packaging

  • The most important parameter for the pre-roll box provider to fulfill is the durability and strength of the packaging. Since the contents of the pre-rolls are dried-up cannabis. There is a risk of humidity which can decrease the freshness of the product. Although it is bound to happen, the packaging must design to sustain. The freshness as long as possible for a satisfactory consumer experience.
  • Visual appeal of the packaging also very important especially with the increasing competition of variety and quality standards in the growing cannabis industry. Young consumers go for vibrant, eye-catching designs of packaging. This ensures the effort put in by the service provider.
  • To enhance and promote your company or service you must keep in mind to incorporate your logo or branding into the packaging of pre-roll. This ensures the reach of your service and gives your brand a unique identity which is particularly important in building the trust of the product in the consumer.
  • The packaging must ensure that there is a proper seal or covering to the product. This is not only important to keep the product intact. But also for the child safety parameters should keep in mind while designing the packaging.

Packaging material

Pre-roll paper in which the cannabis is rolling. Typically made of hemp in most of the pre-rolls available in the market. This paper however can also make of other materials such as backwoods or the traditional cigarette paper.

Pre-roll filters are important as they allow the smoker's experience to be much more pleasant and smooth by blocking out the materials from getting into the mouth. They can make of crutches which is a cardboard material fold into a roll. This allows more airflow, but the experience can be harsh as the contents can get inhaled into the mouth. The other type of filters are acetate or cotton filters which allow much more protection from inhalation of the contents and coughing. But the airflow is much lesser.

Pre-roll packaging styles

There are pre-roll cones shaped obviously into a coned, hence named so. They contain cannabis and are shaped to provide a pointed tip for ignition to avoid burning the product.

Then there are blunt wraps that have hemp and tobacco shaped into a round tube with a blunt end. And lastly, there are traditional cigarette tubes that contain the product.

All these styles can come in a variety of lengths and sizes for consumers.

Types of packaging material

There are a variety of pre-roll packaging materials available for pre-rolls for a joyful experience for the consumer. You can select the desired style materials of custom pre-roll packaging according to your requirements to entice the customers to showcase your exclusive product. Let us look into some of the options for packaging.

●Metallic boxes are a long-used and very stylish option for packaging pre-rolls. They contain a two-piece container with a lid and a base in which the pre-rolls are kept. They are also available with the sliding lid feature to make it look sleeker. They are not however airtight to keep the pre-rolls fresh for long.

●Pre-roll cardboard boxes are available with unlimited options and various styles that can give your product a unique touch. They can be with the sliding feature or the classic cigarette box style. They are made with your custom logo with various colors and printing styles to make them look more attractive.

●Synthetic plastic bags are becoming increasingly popular due to their property of flexibility and ease of storage. Also, they provide much more freshness due to the airtight packaging of the product. They are in the form of polyethylene zipper bags that can be easily reused. They are less prone to damage.

●There has been an introduction of pre-roll tubes in the market of pre-roll packaging material which is very convenient to store a single joint. They are made out of glass and plastic and are made to suit all the various sizes of pre-roll joints. The glass tubes are see-through and the plastic tubes can be of the desired color to store the pre-rolls. They can be easily stored in the pocket without crushing or damaging the pre-roll.

●With the introduction of more eco-friendly storage methods, there has been increasing the use of eco-friendly and more sustainable options for storing pre-roll boxes. They can be custom paper bags or light cardboard material boxes that are biodegradable and environment friendly.

Wholesale pre-roll packaging

There is a lot of competition in the market for pre-rolls and other cannabis-related products. To meet these requirements and to keep your product up to the mark. Bulk buying of the packaging is a great option that can be cheaper and also meets the quality standards since they are specially formulated for the market of suppliers to meet the demands of the industry.

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