Having Good Parents Made Me The Person I Am Today
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Having Good Parents Made Me The Person I Am Today

I am confident that I am the woman I am today because of the example my parents set before me.

Having Good Parents Made Me The Person I Am Today
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I grew up in a home with a mother and a father who loved each other through every high and every low. I have watched them fight for our family and work hard for the success of my brother and I every single day. It saddens me, however, to say that out of my peers, I am a minority. We live in a generation of bad parents.

I feel as if 90% of the friends I have had in my life have had family issues. Whether it's divorce, abuse or just lack of positivity in their home life, these issues can affect a person more than the eye can see. This is not any of my friends' faults, and I open my home up as much as they let me because I believe that they deserve more. However, I am confident that I am the woman I am today because of the example my parents set before me.

My mom taught me about identity. With every outfit I wore (I’m sure they were not always cute), my mom would always make it a point to tell me how beautiful I looked. So even in middle school, when kids were mean and spoke their minds, I never doubted who I was because I was so encouraged in my home.

Do words still hurt? Yes. They always will, but they don’t stick around for long.

Anytime my feelings would be hurt, I had my mom to step in and tell me who I really was. My mom taught me how to work hard—I have watched her step up to the plate in our family’s time of need and work almost full time. She worked hard for an education in pharmacy, and it has equipped her to be able to meet the financial and medical needs of our whole family. She is a spiritual leader—I had the privilege of watching my mom fully commit her life to Jesus.

She taught me what it looks like to be all in with God. Almost immediately after her salvation, she was involved, willing to learn, and allowing Jesus do a work in her. She has never been afraid to be vulnerable and real with her emotions, which is why I believe other young girls are so drawn to be counseled by her. She is not only a mom to me, but a mom to every broken girl she comes in contact with. I would not feel a call to minister to broken girls if it was not for seeing her example.

My dad taught me compassion and what it means to sacrifice for those you love. All throughout my life, my dad made sure we always felt safe and taken care of, even when that may not have actually been the case. I never second guessed that I was in good hands when I was in my home.

This could be the reason why I never wanted to sleep over other girls' houses growing up because I never felt fully safe until I was in my house with my dad. My dad always assured me that he would do anything for our family. When I moved 1,000 miles away for college, a secret fear of mine was losing that safety. I would cry thinking about not having my dad right there to help me out anymore.

One month into my first semester, my school had a hurricane evacuation. There were no flights available, and the fear of being stranded with no friends in Florida during a category five hurricane set in. Just like that, my dad kept his promise. After calling him with tears in my eyes explaining my fear of not being able to come home, he packed a bag, hopped in the car, and began to drive. He drove a round trip of more than 30 hours just to make sure I was home safe.

That was a sacrifice I will never forget, and it has taught me that is what you do for the ones you love. He has set the standard high for any man who wants my heart—I will never settle for anything less than secure because of my dad. I have also watched him be a father beyond my brother and me; he goes out of his way for anyone and everyone, meeting with others to pour into their lives. He has loved my mom and treated her like gold—he does everything he can to let her be home with us as much as possible. Any need each of us has, he will fight until it is met.

I am secure, taken care of, and loved by my family. I will instill security, sacrifice, and love into my relationships because of this example.

I praise God every day for placing me in such good hands and raising me up to be good hands to others. Whether you have a good family or not, I pray that you realize the importance of intentional relationship. The impact you have in any relationship is stronger than you know—do not take any small moment or opportunity to recklessly love others for granted.

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