Loving Yourself: A Guide
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How To Own Your Shit

Who cares about what people think? You shouldn't.

How To Own Your Shit

Here's 6 steps to owning your shit, and loving yourself.

Don't hold on to the feeling of regret.

When I say this, I don't mean that you should never regret anything. Of course, there are always things that we wish that we could have done better. But instead of dwelling on what you could have done, think about what you can do, going forward. There is absolutely no point in stressing about the past, when there's a near future ahead. You made a mistake? Own it. Learn from it. Don't repeat it. As humans, we are programmed to learn from our mistakes, a technology that scientists are still trying to adapt to robots. So let's not waste that innate ability.

Stop worrying about what people will think!

People will always have something to say. Always, always, always. It'll be too much or too little, too big or too small; it's always something. Just the other day, I heard someone looking down upon me for going away from home to pursue my education, shunning my parents for letting me. To be very honest, I just laughed. When something so simple and pure can be twisted like that, imagine all the other things people can say about literally anything you do. In that case, why bother concerning yourself with irrelevant comments? Just live your life, because it is too damn short.

Be honest with yourself.

Don't suppress your feelings. Trust me, that leads to a whole plethora of consequences. Deal with them as they come, it's okay to feel down in the dumps, it's okay to be angry. ALL EMOTIONS ARE VALID. So if you're feeling low, it's healthy to admit that to yourself. I don't care what you tell other people because other people suck. I know I've put up a facade before. (Except for my besties, they get all the tea.) But as long as you're honest with yourself, there's not much that can go wrong.

Stop trying to be perfect.

Nobody's perfect. Like, no one. I can say from experience, and I'm sure that y'all can relate, that it is mentally exhausting when you're always trying to be perfect. Everyone has flaws! At the end of the day, they make us who we are. We shouldn't beat ourselves up all the time for every wrong thing that we do, because 99 percent of the time, it's probably just going to make it worse.

Don't take anyone's shit.

Communication is the key to everything healthy in life. When owning yourself, you also need to define what you deserve from others. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in. If someone rubs you the wrong way, let them know. Don't stay quiet and continue to take their shit. If you take their shit, how will you own your own? It'll all just be a messy pile of crap. People will step all over your if you don't set your boundaries. So speak up when you have to.

Be thankful for what you have.

I know we all spend our days complaining about not having this or that, and it's very cliche and repetitive of me to say this, but there are always people that are worse off. This doesn't mean that, every time you have a feeling, push it down because there's someone worse off, no! Deal with your feelings, always. But even the ability to make a decision, and having options is a privilege, so count your blessings.

~keep breathing ♥

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