Here's The Tea: Understanding How Tinder Works

Tinder is an easy way to connect with someone new. Its simplicity makes the application so popular. We swipe right for someone we want to match with, and then left when we would rather pass. This is very simple.

The way that Tinder actually works is not as simple.

Your profile receives a ranking from Tinder that will determine the future of your account. Tinder uses an algorithm that gives each profile a score. When your profile is first made, it is shown to a wide range of accounts. Your ranking number is dependent on how many of the swipes on your profile were right or left.

Therefore, this ranking is based on the factors another user takes into consideration, so your appearance and bio.

Do you remember in middle school when people would ask for a rate? This kind of reminds me of that. (LOL) So, Tinder's method is really just a middle school boy. (YIKES)

The score that your profile is given will determine which profiles you see and who sees your profile. In addition, this score will determine what position your profile will be in the swiping deck.

Overall, your matches are pretty much calculated since you can only see particular profiles.

However, in March 2019 Tinder commented that their previous algorithm is no longer utilized and now their system is more "open." On their website, they discuss their "method" for matching. Their entire post was pretty vague as they state that they can not "disclose" secret information.

Be aware that there is a lot of speculation that their vague statement is false. Tinder would not want you to think that you are ranked because they are a business, so they released this statement to better their image.

So, is it gonna be left or right?

That's for you to decide.

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