How The Internet Is Changing Everything
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How The Internet Is Changing Everything

How The Internet Is Changing Everything
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I wouldn’t really consider myself a technology pro, however, I do take a class on information studies that has broadened my knowledge on information studies, technology, and areas of study similar to these topics. Each week we are assigned readings about the in class lectures and one really stuck with me, “The Internet that Was (and Still Could Be)” by David Weinberger. This article was published in The Atlantic and in short, was an article about how the internet has evolved since its creation.

The article opens describing how in the late 20th century the internet was used mainly for looking up information and that is what its architecture was indented for, however, as technology advanced, social media was created, and times simply evolved, its main use was no longer the main use. Yes, people do use the internet for information now, however, now people are using the internet for social media and streaming services. The internet has become a place for social interactions and engagements, online debates, and new businesses.

As a millennial, I feel somewhat responsible for changing the way the internet is used, but think about it: what would we do without the internet? I use the internet to take my notes for my classes, my professors publish assignments on the internet, I go on Facebook, etc. It almost seems ironic that I am writing this for an online blogging site.

In looking at how the internet is evolved over time, it is clear: the internet is one of the most vital tools we have as students. It allows us to connect with likeminded people, look up information, stay in touch with old friends, and of course, look up information. So, even if the internet changed from its original purpose, it changed for the better.

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