How The Cast Of New Girl Would Have Voted In The 2016 Election
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How The Cast Of New Girl Would Have Voted In The 2016 Election

Were they #WithHer, against #CrookedHillary, or Third Party?

How The Cast Of New Girl Would Have Voted In The 2016 Election

Last week when trying to find a topic, I stumbled across a thread on twitter that made me laugh. After doing a bit of research, I figured out that it was based off of this article on how the Lizzie McGuire characters would have voted in the 2016 election (and what their favorite drinks are). Now, that got me thinking… how would the cast of my other favorite shows have voted? Now, New Girl has had an election episode or two in the past, none too particular, in which we could have inferred a bit about where Jess and Cece and Schmidt would stand politically, but we are still left to wonder about the rest of the cast...thus, my version of New Girl’s voters were born.


Jessica “Jess” Day is a Class A feminist. She puts the ‘fem’ in feminist and she wants everyone to know. She’s been #WithHer since the primaries and is all about a lady boss taking Office soon. She didn’t just stop with the Women’s March- she’s been at every march, love rally, and protest since Election Day. She was crushed after the election, and had a good old rosé mourning with Cece afterwards, but is determined to have this election bring a new generation of badass women who can’t be stopped.


Similar to Jess, Cece Parekh was #WithHer all the way. She didn’t really care about politics or pay attention much until this election, but since Obama was leaving Office, Cece and Jess kicked into high gear to make sure they got all feminists to the polls. She stands not only for rights as a woman, but also as the child of immigrants. New to the political sphere, she follows Jess’ political expertise for all things activism. She went to the Women’s March with Jess, and a few more after that, but if it weren’t for her being Jess’ right hand (wo)man, she probably wouldn’t have gone to all of the marches and rallies after the first few.


Winston (Whaaat????) Schmidt is an All-American Republican man. Did we really expect anything else though from the creator of the “True American” drinking game?? He is the type of man that probably had a black and white American flag on his wall in college and probably would have been PIKE president if he were the frat type. Was also definitely president of Young Republicans at his school to represent the “underrepresented minority on campus”. Now that Cece is showing her hard-core activist colors, though, I predict that maybe one day Schmidt is going to start changing his views to reflect the needs for rights for his wife… In the past, he probably would’ve mocked the third-party ‘silent rebellion’, because he believes it’s not really making a choice, but he joined the rebellion and voted Gary Johnson in 2016 because of Cece. With the rise of Trump, he is becoming more liberal and realizes he isn’t that right-wing and may actually start calling himself a ‘Libertarian’... but maybe not. We’ll see.


Nick Miller is exactly the type of person to not register to vote and not pay attention to politics because he feels that it is “too much responsibility”. He also has the mentality that his one vote doesn’t matter, because it’s one in millions, so why should it matter if he doesn’t vote. After Jess and Cece get a hold of him, however, they convinced him to register. He felt the Bern in the primaries, but after Hillary won the Democratic ticket, he wound up voting for Jill Stein in the general election because he thought the Green Party sounded funny. Not at all a political man, but hey, at least he didn’t vote for Trump.


Winston Bishop, LAPD. This mans is 100% for black rights and most likely has been to a #BlackLivesMatter rally or two with Coach throughout the years (2013-2015) before joining the force in 2015. As a black police officer who grew up having to run from the cops as a kid (As mentioned in episode “Par 5”) he does everything in his power to protect P.O.C. (people of color) from racial injustice in his own unit. Mourning the end of Obama’s reign of presidency, Winston felt the Bern with Nick in the primaries, but voted for Hillary in the general because other than the fact that Bernie lost the ticket, he was hoping that being #WithHer would continue the path that Obama’s administration was on to bringing racial and gender equality. Power to the people!


Ernest “Coach” Tagliaboo is not much different than Winston. As the self-proclaimed “only other black man here” Coach is all about the #BLM movement and having equal rights for all people. He most likely was head of a few rallies and protests in the LA area and has spoken at quite a few rallies when he used to go with Winston before Winston joined the LAPD. Coach most likely voted for Hillary because who else was he going to vote for? Besides, Obama had spoken and getting all but a direct endorsement from Obama meant that this political bombshell was #WithHer because Obama was #WithHer.


The picture-perfect All-American Girl-Next-Door Pharmaceutical rep, Reagan was set up to be an all-out Trump supporter from the day she left her mother’s womb. She voted for Trump in the primaries because her whole family did, and she’d be disowned if she ever went against their Republican viewpoints. All of her siblings worked on the campaign, and since she didn’t really care about politics or think that anything would affect her anyways, she voted for Trump in the primaries. Reagan grew up idolizing Ivanka and was her 3 years in a row for Halloween. Was taught growing up that “feminist” was a dirty word. Probably would have voted for Trump in the general election as well if Jess and Cece hadn’t introduced her to modern day female empowerment and feminism. Now she’s a badass feminist who was #WithHer all the way in the general…But don’t tell her family that.

Now that I’ve thought about the New Girl cast, it makes me wonder about some of my other favorite shows… Let me know what you think about the accuracy of these predictions and see if you can come up with some predictions for other shows on your own!

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