How To Survive The Summer Without Bae
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How To Survive The Summer Without Bae

It can't be that bad, right?

How To Survive The Summer Without Bae
Ashton Sukenic

You may be thinking ... where the *#^$ did time go? Feels like yesterday we were all moving on campus looking forward to the good times ahead with our best friends. But now it's May, and we have finally come to realization that we can't live on campus forever. So now here we are, with tears in our eyes as we give those dreaded goodbyes to all of those who made our school year one to remember. But especially to all of those saying goodbye to their boyfriends and girlfriends for the summer, you may feel like the world is coming to an end. But I must assure you, the world isn't ending quite yet.

Yes, four months with your parents feels like an eternity when you don't have your partner in crime by your side, but I promise you, you will survive. In fact, this is the time to test your relationship. I mean, we can't always be together, right? And plus, FaceTime is practically like seeing them in person ... well, kinda.

This is also the time to be with your hometown besties who always know how to have a good time. Don't get me wrong, Netflix marathons with bae is nothing short of an ideal day, but I think we can all agree, it gets old. So, call your friends, demand that they go out with you right this instant, and do something totally out of the ordinary. You must trust me, you will not regret it.

So now you all must be thinking ... what else am I supposed to do to pass the time when FaceTime is unavailable, and my friends are sick of me? Well, this is the perfect opportunity to focus on your health. No, I'm not saying you must eat all the healthy things you hate. What I mean is, go hit the gym, yoga, running, boxing, swimming or whatever! This will definitely have you looking better than ever for when your loved one sees you for the first time in forever. Even more, you will be ready to carry your healthy lifestyle back to school, making you feel more incredible than ever!

All right, so you've accomplished three months without being with your guy or girl. I know, it feels nothing short of a miracle. But now, you are facing the final push. Four. More. Weeks. Yes, you can do it! Now that time has flew by, these are the last couple days of freedom, um...I mean being on your own! Now that you've distracted yourself the the entire summer, it's time to get organized. I know, it doesn't exactly sound like the ideal way to spend your time, but yes, you'll thank me later. When you return back to school and fall back into your old routine, being organized will be the last thing on your mind. So please, do yourself a favor and just it get it done now!

Before you know it, it's August and you've made it! Just a few more hours until you're reunited with bae. The hugs, the dates, the free back massages — it can't get any better. But just like I promised in the beginning, you have officially survived the summer struggle.

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