How To Survive a Long Distance BFF Relationship
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How To Survive a Long Distance BFF Relationship

Life throws you curve balls, and it is so important to have a support system when it seems like your life is falling apart.

How To Survive a Long Distance BFF Relationship

At the age of 20, I was moved to Texas with my whole family. This journey pushed me 1500 miles from my life and forced me into a brand new one. When I first moved to texas I had no idea in which direction my life would go, and I can promise you I am still in shock of where I am. But, no matter what has happened one thing has not changed: my friends that turned into family. And those people, to me are the most prized possessions I have. This is how I cope with a long distance relationship with my best friends.

1. Tell Them Everything.

As scary as some parts of our lives may be, you can always tell your best friends everything. Especially if they are 1500 miles out of arms reach to smack you when you stay with the wrong guy for too long. Life throws you curve balls and it is so important to have a support system when it seems like your life is falling apart. You need to always remember that they love you so much more than the miles between you.

2. Show Up When You Know They Need You.

There is so much going on in everyone's lives on a daily basis, but you still need to make your friends a priority no matter how far away they are. I pride myself on being a great best friend, but also keeping the best ones in this world. My best friends are the type of people that can feel I am having a bad day and send me a gift, or fly to me to be there for my grandpa's passing. My friends allow me to be the person to surprise them with trips home for their special occasions like a 21st birthday, a bridal shower, or a bachelorette trip to Nashville. Being there for each other despite the distance and hectic times of our every day lives is what makes my friends so special.

3. Be A Family Member.

In all of my best friends families, I am the one that everyone knows and loves even though there is not blood there, my best friends families have taken me in as if there is. My family has done the same for all of them, my mother has taken all of my friends in as one of her own because she knows how much they love me and that makes her love them even more. When I leave my friends I am just as sad to leave their families because its like being away from my own family, and I just love them all so much.

4. Pick Up Where You Left Off.

No matter when you last talked, it is silly to be mad at someone for not reaching out to you for a substantial amount of time. The phone works both ways, and everyone has a lot going on, so if my best friends don't talk to me for a few weeks I would never be mad at them about it! Whenever your friend texts you "Hey" you should always respond this means they need you or they miss you, and both of those are so important.

I love my best friends and I am so blessed to have them in my life, some longer than others and some stronger than others but everyone of my best friends is just as important to me and I would show up for them any time necessary, I love you ladies and gents.

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