How to Solo Roadtrip like a Pro
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How to Solo Roadtrip like a Pro

Driving by yourself doesn't have to be boring.

How to Solo Roadtrip like a Pro

With the holidays coming up, many of us will be making our way back to our hometowns. For some, it’ll be their first time back. For others, this is just another regular visit. Either way, driving home means long hours in the car all by yourself. As someone who has driven all over the place this semester, I’ve got the solo road trip down pat. Here are my top four tips to make the long drive home a lot more bearable.

1. Get a good night's sleep beforehand

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Driving drowsy is dangerous, y'all. I could give you a bunch of pretty terrifying facts about how driving drowsy can really hurt you and other people, but just trust me on this one. Rest up and drive when you feel like you're up to it!

2. Listen to something entertaining

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Of course, this can mean making a giant playlist of all of your favorite jams. But after a while, listening to music for a while can get a little boring. Lately, I’ve been listening to standup comedy to keep me entertained. John Mulaney, Pete Holmes, and Iliza Schlesinger all have really hilarious comedy specials that are available on Spotify. Podcasts are another great (and free!) way to do this as well. If you haven't listened to it, Serial is so amazing.

3. Take stops

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The number and length of your breaks definitely depends on how long your drive is. Since my drive usually isn't too long, I usually only make one quick stop halfway through to grab Sonic drink or Starbucks. However, if you have a full day of driving, you might consider taking a longer stop for lunch. This not only breaks up the monotony of the open road, but it also gives you the chance to explore some cool places you would never have been before.

4. Have fun

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Okay, I know this will probably elicit some eye rolls, but it's important to enjoy your time on the road! Don't look at it as just getting from here to there. It's a really good chance to spend some time by yourself and learn to enjoy your own company.

Good luck!

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