While summer internships come to an end, the resumes and interviews never end and are, possibly, some of the most difficult things to complete in college.  You are probably asking yourself some of these questions:

How should my resume look?

Why was I not involved in more clubs?

Does Beat The Clock count as community service?

As a member of the Greek community, it is highly likely that your fraternity or sorority is a huge part of your college experience. Despite many negative connotations associated with Greek life, it can still be a very important part of the resume. Being a member of a Greek organization can provide you with a lot of opportunities, as well as skills that will help you in the real world, that is, if you know how talk about your experiences.   

The first thing is to be smart. Do not ,under any circumstances, talk about that first party, or that one time you went out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

There are ways to make your experiences interview-friendly. For example, what did going out all those nights help you learn? Time management, perhaps? Attending all of the required official Greek functions, along with some of the un-official ones, can be time-consuming. In the real world, time management is a huge skill. No employer wants an employee who cannot meet deadlines and gets easily overwhelmed.

Another tip is to get involved with your fraternity or sorority as this school year begins. If you have to be at all these events and functions anyway, why not have an official position? Every position has a different time requirement. Who knows, maybe this position will be beneficial in the future. Are you a finance major? Maybe being the treasurer or FVP of your organization will give you real experience that will put you higher than other candidates for the same job. Did you get elected as the new social chair? Maybe event planning and marketing is your true calling. Either way, having these experiences in college can positively impact your resume, and it might help you gain some direction in your life. 

Another aspect of Greek life that can be highlighted in interviews and resumes is the big picture of Greek life. Many people think of fraternity and sorority involvement as small. Your sorority may only have you, your sisters, and the advisors. What many people do not know, is that the letters you wear bind you to everyone else who wears those letters. This can be something that you highlight in an interview. As a member of a Greek organization, you know what it means to be a part of something bigger. You understand that the group cannot succeed if some people are not participating. These skills and ideas are transferrable to a company or corporation.  Employers want to know that you can successfully work in a group and your sorority or fraternity is proof of that.   

Additionally, utilize contacts through your organization. Does an alumni of your chapter hold an awesome job you wish you had? Is the president of the company you applied to a member of the same organization as you? Reach out to these connections through websites such as LinkedIn.

Be proud. Being a part of a fraternity or sorority should not be the main focus of your resume or interview, but it can definitely supplement your superb resume.