How We Put Each Other Into Our Own Little Boxes
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Politics and Activism

How We Put Each Other Into Our Own Little Boxes

Self-perpetuated division in the U.S.

How We Put Each Other Into Our Own Little Boxes
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Sometimes I sit here, and I think, we live in a world divided.

Everything about our identity is put into a category.

What is your race? Check all that apply.

What is your religious officiation?

Male or Female?

How about your sexual orientation?

Our identifies, defined by what we check off in little boxes.

We scream to be heard,

To stake our existence

Something beyond the boxes.

Black Lives Matter!

All lives matter!

Now, blue lives matter?

Yet, in our screams of existence,

we divide

something so self-perpetuated

We are more than boxes

But we label.

You like Trump?

Racist. Bigot.

You're black?

Ghetto. Lazy.

You're Muslim?

ISIS. Terrorist.

The implications beyond the boxes, past the division.

We are individuals!

Or so we say.

Each person is unique!

Except for Trump supporters,

you’re all the same, white privilege and all.

And except for those Ferguson protesters,

They’re all thugs, blacks from the ghetto.

We all long for a world in harmony.

While we continue to facilitate the divide.

Do you define a person by their boxes?

Get scared when you see a man in a turban on the plane?

Watch a little extra when a black person is shopping in your store?

Assume every white guy in Sperrys is living off daddy’s money?

If you say no, you’re lying.

The Presidential candidates didn't divide us.

We divide ourselves.

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