Recently, I have become a huge fangirl of the masterpiece that is the now Grammy-winning, Broadway musical "Hamilton." If you don't know what this is:

A) this article isn't for you

B) educate yo-self. Start with this:

For those of you who haven't been living under a rock, or just experienced your first taste of the musical with the amazing Grammy tidbit, here are my steps on how to properly fangirl to a "Hamilton" performance.

Try (and fail) to contain your excitement

You already know you're gonna freak out so much that you miss the performance. So at least try to calm yourself first.

Impatiently sit through Colbert's intro.

Colbert ,you're great and all, but I am not willing to "wait for it."

Whisper-rap until you get to this part:

Tell me Lin, what is it?

Let Lin have his moment.

He worked so hard on this show. This moment deserves to be untouched.

Take a second to appreciate the ensemble.

Seriously, the ensemble is incredible and add so much to the story and its effect.

Really get into it when the beat picks up.

There woulda been nothin' left to do for someone less astute!

Feel really proud that such a revolutionary musical is reaching new audiences.

*Tear streams down face* I'm such a proud theater geek.

And finally, freak out because they won a Grammy!

And revel in the fact that Lin rapped his speech. In-freakin-credible.

"Hamilton" is truly a show that is taking the country, and dare I say the world, by storm. A rap musical about the life of the first U.S Treasury Secretary with a mixed-race cast playing the founding fathers/early Americans just won a Grammy. (Honestly, the fact that I can say all those words in a legitimate sentence baffles me.) Lin-Manuel Miranda and the rest of the cast and crew are making history, by retelling history. And I am proud to call myself a fangirl of this incredible show.