My alarm goes off. I have no idea what time it is. It's 8 a.m.

Damn, why did I stay up so late last night?

At 8:07 I convince myself (barely) that my education is more important than staying in bed. I really don't believe that, but I actually should probably go to this class. Damn, who's dumb idea was it to take a 9 AM? Oh wait, that was me. 10/10 not taking one next semester.

I slowly trudge my way to the bathroom. I turn on the light.

Wow, I look rough. When was the last time I showered?

I don't know, but I guess I should probably take one. I get into the shower. The water is cold...not surprising. I think to myself, "At least it's Thursday already."

No. It is Monday. I am horribly reminded that it is actually only Monday. I get out of the shower. My towels are not within arms reach. I fear hypothermia will take me before I reach my towels. I make it to my towels alive.

Damn, still have to go to class.

I look in the mirror.

Woah. Where did all of these pimples come from? I should probably stop eating pizza three times a day.

I go to my closet to pick out my outfit for the day.

Hmmm, am I feeling sporty or spunky? Considering I'm about to put on the same pair of leggings and T-shirt that I wear three times a week, I'm going to go with sporty. As I look around my room after getting dressed, I realize that the room and my life are both a mess.

I look at the clock. It's 8:50.

Last chance, are you sure you want to go to this class? You could get back in bed right now and pretend this never happened.

No, I have to go. I skipped this class twice last week, I owe it to my education to go. I show up to class late...not surprising. I sit through a 50 minute lecture thinking about nothing the entire time EXCEPT how hungry I am. Oh, look at that, class is over. I have no idea what that professor just spent the last hour talking about.

It's lunch time. I am starving. I stand in line for 15 minutes for a chicken patty and sweet potato fries. They are out of chicken. I am not surprised. I still get the fries anyway and sit down. The fries are horrible. Again, I'm not surprised. This is routine at this point.

I decide whether or not to go to my last class of the day. I could go home and nap instead. No, I've already been to two of my classes today, might as well finish strong. I show up to class. The professor asks everyone to pass up their homework. I suddenly remember that my homework is sitting at home on my desk. Fantastic. She won't believe me when I tell her it's at home, she'll think I didn't do it and then she'll give me a zero for the assignment.

The class is a blur, but I get through it. I all but sprint back to my room so I can maximize my nap time before dinner at five. I shut my eyes for 10 seconds and it is five. At least it's time for dinner. My roommate and I go to the dining hall and cannot find a seat. We stalk a table and pounce on it as soon as the people sitting there get up to leave. Dinner is slightly better than lunch (because I ate pizza).

Okay, time to actually sit down and do some work. I have to finish a Chemistry post-lab notebook, submit my biology assignment, and pretend I know what I'm doing on my Italian homework. I sit on my couch to start working. I turn on the T.V. thinking I can watch Teen Wolf while completing my homework. Three episodes later, nothing has been done. I look at the clock. It's midnight. Great.

I finish my homework. It's 3 AM. After jumping into bed in the same outfit I wore all day, I set my alarm for 8 A.M. and prepare to repeat this day four more times before getting to sleep for 20 straight hours on Saturday. I hope the dining has better food tomorrow.

I am a college student.