How My Long Distant Relationship Changed Me
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How My Long Distant Relationship Changed Me

Far Away Love...

How My Long Distant Relationship Changed Me

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year and a half now…may not seem that long to others but for me and for us definitely feels long. The fun, love, friendship and even struggles we have just simply makes us the two individuals we are now.

My boyfriend is my best friend (sorry, yes its cliche) but we live almost 3,000 miles apart. While he’s in New York and I am in Cali we aren’t as disconnected as it may seem. Our relationship makes us stronger and makes us realize that there is so much in life yet to come.

But what does being in a long distance relationship mean?

It means you get to grow as a person and as a couple together and on your own. Being away from my boyfriend has allowed me to grow so much, when we come back together we are always able to share that growth with each other, bond even better and share how we grow as individuals. Seeing each other also makes it so much sweeter. Though pain and sadness comes along with how terrible it feels to not be able to see him, us face timing everyday and showing each other that we care and will do whatever it takes to keep this relationship going honestly makes me more happy and motivated.

Everyone says long distant relationships never work out and that I shouldn’t be wasting my time… They could be right but I also definitely learned from being in a long distant relationship not worry or listen to what other people think because if its going to bring me down and make me feel like I am going to regret some of my choices then why even listen to them? I ignore the negativity all the way.

That's another thing I learned. For me, it is hard to not listen to people's opinions about being in this relationship.

Being in a long distance relationship has challenged me, taught me and helped me grow so much as a person. I remember when all that growth started. Just by one Instagram DM and then on to our first FaceTime call.

Overall, I am extremely happy with him; he is the love of my life and the guy I am proud to call my soulmate.

Long distant relationships aren’t for everyone, but if I can stay strong and happy with mine, then I think anyone can, especially considering how sensitive I am. Just stay positive. That taught me a lot and helped me.

Sometimes when you love someone you’ll do anything to make it work. Relationships take all of you and so do long distant ones. Just don’t forget in the end long distant relationships help you grow, and realize how beautiful and special life really is.

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