How I Met My Favorite Television Show

How I Met My Favorite Television Show

How "How I Met Your Mother" inspired my life.

Is there such a thing as Netflix destiny? Does every show you watch have its own timing and reasoning? I know this is an abstract idea to think about but that is how my life has seem to span out.

I feel like in some form or way, every television show has its own purpose, influence, and impact that it has on an individual.

Specifically, I just started watching the famous show "How I Met Your Mother" and it has truly come at the best time in terms of where my life is. How I Met Your Mother, yes is the story of a guy named Ted who is telling his children the story of how he met their mother. Ted is a hopeless romantic who spent a large part of his life looking for his soulmate and fulfilling his dreams of a good career, marriage and children. But, that is just one part of the whole story. There are four more friends, along with Ted who go through the ups and downs of life. Sure, this show is funny and has incredible comic relief, but the life lessons are inspiring and validating.

The themes of How I Met Your Mother include love, betrayal, change, acceptance, family, expectations, hardship, patience, and self realization. These are all aspects of life that everyone experiences and shapes them into the person they are.

There is a specific scene in one of the seasons, where Ted and another main character named Robin are talking. Robin had just given up her dream job to be with the man she loved only to find our that he has chosen his career over her and taken up another job. Robin feels dejected, alone, and foolish for giving up her dream for love. Ted explains to Robin that although it hurts, she should take some time and reflect on how far she has come in the last five years instead of beating herself down for what did not happen. Robin then realizes how much she has changed, matured, and accomplished. Sometimes, all we need in life is a little bit of perspective. In my own life, after dealing with a year of change in terms of my career path, people, and just a change in dynamic it was hard to see all the growth, and self realization I had accomplished. I failed to see that in this hard period of my life, I had began working three internships, became a student ambassador at my university, and joined two clubs. I was still stuck on the idea that my old toxic relationships had exhausted me and could not see all the progress I had made. Once I saw this episode, I did the same thing Ted did with Robin and realized that I had so much to be proud about. Of course I went through pain, but only to grow as a person and come out stronger.

In life we set our expectations to a certain standard. We are constantly chasing after what we want whether it is our career, relationships, etc. When things do not take place according to our "plan" we become shaken up and unhappy with the world and ourselves. Similarly, Ted is an architect who is looking to start his own company and design buildings around the country. When he quits his old job, he starts his own company from scratch and deals with many hurdles. He soon had to put his dream on hold and take up a job as an architect professor to make ends meet. This was something he was not looking forward to because he did not want to teach and he was disinterested. However, after awhile he realized that he is meant for teaching and had a passion to impact the lives of others. In life, things always take place that we do not expect or want, but somehow they have an impact on our life and a deeper purpose. In my life, losing all the people that I did, somehow ended up allowing me to really get involved with my career. I shifted my focus from people and began taking care of myself. Ideally, the life that I had envisioned for me now was with those same people l I once thought were my closest friends, instead, I am building a new community with people and have become extremely career driven. I feel motivated and that in my opinion is one of the most self fulfilling feelings. All this would not have happened if things would have gone in my way. It is almost like things not going in my way actually helped me.

This television show would not have made much sense to me if I had watched it before experiencing all that I have in the last two years. The difficult transition, meeting new people, and discovering myself in times of hardship and doubt have all made me understand this show so much better and in a totally different perspective.

Everything happens for a reason, a sometimes even something as silly as a television show has to come to you at the right moment for it to make an impact on your life and give you the assurance that everything is going to be okay.

In the words of Barney Stinson, this show is "legen...wait for it.....dary"!

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My Problem With The Mom In 'Lady Bird'

Growing up takes time.


Now reader, you amazing, wonderful reader, I ask you to put aside the intense (and natural) rage that you feel towards me for having put the words “problem” and “Lady Bird” in the same sentence. Now, look me in the eyes as I say this: I LOVE "Lady Bird." We all love "Lady Bird!" It’s a fantastic movie, it captures some aspects of growing up that I didn’t even know I had experienced, it conveys the awe and the horrors we start to feel towards the world as we start to really understand our parts in it.

That scene at the end, when the titular character Lady Bird (now Christine) calls her home to tell her mom about the emotion she felt when she finally drove through her old town; I felt that too. This movie undoubtedly understands youth; what it doesn’t understand is the relationship between parent and child as that youth comes to an end.

If you’ve seen the movie, you’re familiar with the relationship between Lady Bird and her mother. There are moments of pure and utter truth in there. But what bothers me is the fact that despite the terrible things said and done by both Lady Bird and her mom, in the end it is Lady Bird that is left with the weight of reconciling with her mother even though her mom is at fault, and she does it. She calls home. She calls herself Christine again, she cries at church thinking of her home. After her mom hadn’t talked to her for weeks, she just goes and forgives her without a second thought. And why? Because they’re mother and daughter? Is that the message you want to believe in?

I think there’s a lot of affordances being made for the mother, and I don’t appreciate how we’re basically told that even though the mom is passive aggressive, belligerent, and demeaning, we need to excuse that because she doesn’t know how to communicate well and she’s worried about her mistakes. Lady Bird’s mom never directly shows Lady Bird how she loves her, and it’s clear there is some sort of affection between the two, but it’s a love shown through material things like money and clothing, essentials of course, but clearly not what Lady Bird needs.

I’m not saying that I think it’s impossible for Lady Bird and her mother to ever be on good terms again. What I’m saying is, that reconciliation takes time, and a whole lot of effort on both of their parts to see each other differently. It doesn’t come within the first week of leaving for college (when your mom refused to even walk into the airport with you), despite any of our romantic notions about university life I think we can all agree that real change has been a slow and grinding process, full of periods of growth and stagnation, but never quick. Growing up takes time, and I don’t know if "Lady Bird" did that justice.

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Dear Life

I Love You, And I Am So Thankful And Blessed.

I'm 23 years old. I am in my second semester of my Junior year of college. I started my college journey a little later than most of my friends and peers. This upcoming fall, I'll be headed into my Senior year of undergrad, and hopefully getting a jump start on my first year of grad school. I live at home with my parents and sister and I have two part time jobs. If all goes as planned, I will have my bachelors degree in May of 2019, and my masters degree in May of 2020.

I have wanted to write this article for a long time. This isn't to brag about me or where I am. This is about the journey I am on and how unbelievably happy I am in my life. Right now I'm a busy person and I have a lot on my plate. 18 credits, working 20+ hours a week, writing for odyssey, and trying to manage a social life. I'm a busy lady. Someone asked me one time how I handle being busy all the time, my response was that "I was born busy."

For as long as I can remember I have been busy. I played two sports growing up, went to CCD classes (church related), I was a girl scout, and I have a huge family that hosts functions almost every weekend. Oh, and I went to school five days a week too. When I graduated high school I worked three jobs totaling 80 hours a week sometimes. I can't handle not being busy, this is the only life I've known.

As happy as I am with where I am in my life, it's hard not to feel a little stuck. Your early twenties is such a weird time. You're trying to be an adult but you still feel like you're 17 years old. You're just hoping that everything will sort itself out eventually. I see friends that I grew up with getting married and having kids and I quickly forget that these are the milestones we start to hit at this stage in life.

Let me talk about my friends for a minute. I love to brag about my friends. Graduating college, buying houses, moving out, moving out of state, getting really good jobs. I am so proud. Words truly cannot describe how proud I am. When you grow up with someone and you get to go through life together, it's the best feeling to watch them get everything they deserve. I also think it's so amazing that I can look at each one of my close friends and tell a different story. Not one of us chose the same path. Some of us had really great jobs right out of high school, others went straight to a 4 year university. Some of us went to community college or didn't go to school at all. Some of us have college degrees and others are still working on them. I love having a supportive group of people who understand my path and my busy life. It reminds me that although I feel a little behind, I'm not alone.

I don't know if we'll all ever feel fully complete or satisfied with where we are in life. But I don't think that feeling is necessarily a bad thing. If we never feel truly satisfied then we're always going to be striving for more. I know that I have a lot of living to do, but I am so thankful that I learned to start appreciating the journey.

It is so easy to get down on ourselves for not doing something. Should we have studied harder? Worked harder? Eaten healthier and exercised more? Probably. But we also got to sleep in a little longer, saw a movie with our friends, and go shopping at the mall. I think that learning focusing on the process rather than the end goal has been a life saver for me. I still get stressed, I still procrastinate, and I still get overwhelmed but I'd rather be tired and enjoying life than not.

So this is my letter to life. I love you and I am so thankful and blessed. I am also thankful that I learned how to take time and reflect on where I am. It's so important to remember to breathe when you're going through a rough patch. I think that we often forget that we're human and nothing is ever going to be perfect. We have to stop being to hard on ourselves. The best thing I ever did was learning to stop caring so much about the outcome and enjoy getting there.

I am so proud of myself, my friends, and my family. If you're not incredibly happy with where you are, do what you can to change it. Cut back on the responsibilities that you can, practice a little self love, and remind yourself that it's okay to fail. Reaching a goal or a milestone is a great feeling, but there will always be another goal or milestone that follows. It's a never ending cycle that we need to learn to embrace.

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