What Is The Best Mattress For Sex? 4 Things To Look For

Your Mattress Affects Your Sex Life More Than You Realize, So Consider These 4 Things To Choose The Best Mattress For Sex

Once you're aware of how mattresses affect your sex life, you can choose the right one.


When we think of beds, we only think of them accomplishing one thing: providing a place to sleep. However, that's not all that they are good for. We use our beds to lie down and watch TV, read books and, of course, to have sex.

What's interesting is that, despite all of the things that happen on our mattress, we only buy them with our comfort sleeping in mind. Very rarely would you walk into your local mattress store and ask the clerk which mattress would be suitable for sex. Some of you might not even have considered the effect a mattress could have on the way you have sex.

So, the real question is, does a mattress actually affect your sex life? It's a difficult question to answer and one that requires you to think long and hard about certain aspects. To shed some light on the subject, we'll have to examine multiple sides of the equation. Let's dive into the subject and try to see what conclusion we can draw.

The Typical Mattress Design

At its most fundamental level, a basic mattress is meant to provide you support and comfort while you sleep. This may be why you bought your mattress in the first place.

As you might have experienced firsthand, mattresses don't last forever. They have a limited lifespan, after which they wear out and become saggy and lumpy. This is caused by your body's weight depressing the mattress over time until it becomes uncomfortable to sleep on. Having sex can speed up this process greatly.

Not only is it a physically extensive activity for you and your partner, but it also affects your mattress. The mattress is inflicted with a barrage of physical attacks frequently. This is never good for the lifespan of a mattress. The average mattress won't be able to withstand that level of abuse for a long time.

After a while, you will end up with a worn-out mattress that isn't good for anything. So, what can you do?

Mattresses Designed for Sex

The problem with normal mattresses is that they are designed to absorb energy. This is counterintuitive in two ways: It wears your mattress out quickly, and it doesn't give you the necessary responsiveness during sex.

Having the weight of two bodies concentrated in a very small area of the mattress can only end in disaster. This results in a lack of response and fatigue from overworking yourself. All of this can turn you off sex completely.

The truth is that mattresses are an integral part of your sex life. The right mattress can make all the difference and help you perform well and enjoy your intimacy better. You would be surprised by how much of a change the proper mattress can make to your sex life.

There are mattresses out there that will specifically get your sex life up to speed. You can buy mattresses that have springs encased inside them. These mattresses will help you by providing a certain level of force feedback and bounce. They will also give some energy back to you. This means that you won't have to strain yourself by putting a lot of effort in. You'll be less tired and less fatigued, and you will more comfortable for longer periods of time.

An added benefit of these mattresses is that they have more cushioning in certain points. This will ensure that the mattress wears out much slower than any ordinary mattress.

How to Pick the Best Mattress for Sex

Now that you are aware of the effects that a mattress can have on your sex life, it's time to pick the right one. You will have to consider the type of mattress for sex and certain criteria when picking out a decent mattress, as not all of them are viable.


Having a proper bounce will retain your energy so that you put in less effort. It will also make it easier to maintain proper rhythm throughout.


Your mattress will need to be durable to withstand the constant pressure and force applied to it. It will need to be able to last a long period of time without changing.


Some mattresses can generate a lot of noise during the constant motions in sex. You will need to consider a mattress with decent springs that don't squeak too loud.


Comfort is key during long sessions that can exceed an hour or more. You will need a bed that has adequate padding and distributes your weight evenly on the surface.

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Ladies, Stop Trying To Teach Boys How To Be Your Man If They're Not Even Men In The First Place

It is your job to love him. But it is not your job to teach him how to love you back.


I see. this way too often, honestly it upsets me and breaks my heart. It breaks my heart when I see a girl begging her boyfriend to put her on her Snapchat story. It breaks my heart when I see a girl begging her boyfriend to get off a video game and spend time with her. It breaks my heart when I see a girl doodling on a napkin at the dinner table and her boyfriend is on his phone and hasn't even looked up at her once. These things break my heart because this girl, whoever she may be, maybe it is you? She deserves a man. What she has though, is a boy. And before you say anything, yes, there is a huge difference.

I was that girl once. I begged and begged my ex-boyfriend all the time to put me on his Snapchat story. You may be reading this and be thinking "Wow she's a little attention seeking." No, that is not it at all. A simple act of being posted about made me feel special, loved, missed at times, and served as reassurance and a word of affirmation for me. Do you want to know something silly? Maybe you've done it too. Sometimes I would do something crazy to get his attention. Something funny, and silly and random just so he would post me on his story and I wouldn't have to ask.

At the dinner table, I was that girl that while he was on his phone I was sliding him notes on a napkin saying "I love you" or "Hi" or funny jokes to get his full and undivided attention.

At home, I was the girl that used to literally throw myself at him while he was playing video games to try and get him to press pause for two minutes and pay attention to me and have a conversation with me.

You see, I was that girl. But I refuse to ever be that girl again. If you are that girl, stop what you're doing.

It is your job to love him. But it is not your job to teach him how to love you back.

There is a big difference between a boy and a man. Contrary to what society may believe most boys don't actually turn into men until they are almost 40. Scary for us girls right? But here's the kicker and to be honest it has nothing to do with age.

Any boy that is in the process of becoming a man and maturing is going to know how to treat a woman. He is not going to choose video games or his phone over you. He is going to post you everywhere all the time because he wants to show you off to the world and make you feel special. He isn't going to ever leave you wondering.

The list could really go on comparing and contrasting the differences between a boy and a man but the important ones to remember when you are in a relationship are:

1. A boy thinks "me." A man thinks "us"

2. A boy gives false promises. A man honors his commitments (one being you.)

3. A boy cares about how you look in jeans. A man cares about how you look in his future.

4. You will always wonder how a boy feels about you. You will always know how a man feels about you.

All too often I see girls in the act of this. It is almost like they are training a dog or raising a child. They order them around and become demanding when it comes to doing things that make them feel special, validated and reassured. Granted, they are doing this because their relationship is lacking something but the truth is, it shouldn't be lacking something in the first place.

You are dating a boy not a man. I hate to break that to you. I really do. It's the hardest news you'll ever receive. Why? Well because

You can't fix him, you can't teach him, and you can't change a boy into a man. They have to do it on their own

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