How long should waxing last
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How long should waxing last


How long should waxing last

While hair is a nice feature to have on your head and maybe some parts like your face, it can be a burden for some people. If you have grown up in an environment that convinces you that body hair is not pleasant, are in a hot climate, or tend to be hairy because of genes, you might want to get rid of the excess to keep things neat and comfortable.

That is why body waxes exist.

While shaving is easy and more commonplace, it achieves results only for a short period. That is why some opt for a full-body wax. It entails removing hair from any part of the body, excluding your head, your beard if you have one, and your brows. If professional waxing is not your style, then you can easily buy a waxing kit for a do it yourself home wax. Each waxing kit will have hard wax, a wax warmer to liquefy the wax, oil for pre-epilation, around ten small, petite, and large applicators, and cooling gel to apply after waxing. There are even some that will come with a DVD for instruction!

There are several reasons why you should opt for waxing:

The gel used for waxing is very safe and friendly to your skin, so it will cause no irritations to your skin. It also contains no allergens, so you should be safe.

When you wax, the first thing you will notice is that your skin has become smoother. The reason for this is that other than removing unwanted hair, it will also remove the dead skin cells to leave your skin exfoliated.

Waxing leaves you with no ingrown hairs or skin bumps. Its because unlike shaving, it pulls hair from the roots to give you smooth skin with no lumps.

With shaving, you will notice slightly rough skin when you run your hand against the natural grain. Shaving only cuts part of the hair, but it does not eradicate it. Waxing, on the other hand, will leave you feeling smooth with not a slight abrasion.

On areas where the skin folds or is bumpy, it can be hard working the surface, and it can leave cuts. Waxing, on the other hand, is safe no matter the area you are shaving and the type of skin you have.

Most importantly, waxing lasts long compared to shaving and tweezing.

But how long does waxing last?

While waxing removes hair from the roots, it does not damage the hair follicles meaning that the hair can grow back.

The average time it takes for the hair to regrow after waxing is six weeks on average.

However, some factors come into play when it comes to hair regrowth. The first one is hair breakage. Depending on the kind of wax applied and the skill of the applicant, some hair might break before it is uprooted from the root, making it regrow back much faster.

Another factor is the waxed body wax. Hair will not regrow back at the same rate all over your body. Your leg wax might grow faster than your bikini wax.

A bikini wax should last about 4-6weeks. The more you do it, the longer it will last.

A leg wax should last about 3-5 weeks in the beginning and 4-6 weeks as you get used to it.

An underarm wax should last anywhere from 2-4 weeks in the beginning and 3-5 weeks as you get used to it.

A back wax should last anywhere from 5-6 weeks in the beginning and 6-7 weeks as you get used to it.

A chest wax should start anywhere from 5-6 weeks in the beginning and 6-7 weeks as you get used to it.

A neck wax should last between 3-5 weeks in the beginning and 4-6 weeks as you get used to it.

The last factor is genetics. People depending on their genetics and race, grow hair at very different rates. So, while your friend might regrow her hair in six weeks, yours might take five weeks to regrow back.

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