How Sharjah Living is different from Dubai?
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How Sharjah Living is different from Dubai?

Learn How Living in Sharjah is different from Living in Dubai


Dubai and Sharjah are contrasting cities which share different entertainment and facilities.

Dubai is the hub of youngsters and technologically advanced whereas Sharjah is a decent and calm city with more cultural impact and beautiful views.

Some of the factors that affect the place we are living are discussed below-

1. Cost efficient 

There are several expenditures in our daily life and it becomes very difficult to manage all the expenses and overall costs. A huge amount of money is deducted as expenses in the place where we live. These costs cover our living expenses in the form of rents, electricity bill, daily needs and many others which cannot be neglected .

Sharjah is cheaper than Dubai and the overall cost of expenses are less than in Dubai. It is the main motive of any person to earn more and more money. The cost of travelling, the food and groceries costs, the cab expenses and many more. Hence, the reduction in living cost would help you in maintaining the overall finances.

2. Healthy Environment 

The environment where we live affects our mental health as well as our physical health.

Due to rapid urbanization and the modernized world, it has become difficult to maintain our peace and calm with the new surroundings and the loud noises. The sounds and the technologically advanced environment, sometimes, makes it difficult to breathe the healthy air, so people prefer to choose Sharjah over Dubai.

Sharjah has many good aspects such as the less density of people, less pollution and a healthy environment.

The beauty of the place is soothing and so calm. You have your own space and the environment which helps you grow mentally.

People who love nature are more likely to choose Sharjah over Dubai. It has preserved its culture and tradition, which makes it so rich in every aspect.

3. Transportation 

Another main reason for choosing a living place is the access to the transportation and how its services are according to the amount the money you are spending.

You can opt for any service or any mode of transportation in Sharjah. They have every transportation option available which are the metro, the cabs and the public transportation. The cost of the transportation is also much less compared to that of Dubai. These are the basic needs and the necessity of any person who do not own their personal vehicle.

Reducing expenditures is smart work and it helps to save money and is profitable. For any mediocre or any normal earring holders prefer Sharjah over Dubai.

4. Crime

So, the crime rate of the place where you live also plays a vital role to opt for that place and spend your life there. Nobody would like to choose a city that has more criminal records and is more likely to commit crimes. Safety and security are the top most requirements of any man, nobody likes to risk their and their family life. So, Sharjah has a much lower crime rate than Dubai. Therefore, more and more youths and even older people like to live in Sharjah.

5. Food 

So here we go to add one more attribute to Sharjah as it has various cafes and restaurants serving the best food and meals across the world. The city has the best food and restaurants at a reasonable cost.

Why spend much when you can experience the best under budget?


Due to rapid urbanization, Dubai has become the hub for youngsters and is becoming more crowded. This increase in the crowd is responsible for the rapid increase in personal vehicles as well as public transport.

Dubai is becoming crowded which results in air pollution. Hence, the quality of air has decreased since time. Due to which people are more likely to choose Sharjah.

These are some major concerns that are the main reasons why a place is more preferred than any other. So, the above discussed points are based on the people opinions and their reviews. Afterall, wherever you live you should have your own mental peace and be accessible to every facility.

Be careful with your decision and live happily wherever you live. After all, being happy is more important than the place.

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