The Truths Of Living Alone
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The Truths Of Living Alone

They ask me straight up, "don't you get lonely?" and honestly, I do, but I chose to live alone.

The Truths Of Living Alone

People always question how living alone is. They ask me straight up, "don't you get lonely?" and honestly, I do, but I chose to live alone.

I moved out alone from New Jersey to Florida as a junior in college, so I was already 21. If I moved to a 4 year university right out of high school, I probably would have a much different outlook on this. I feel that at 21, I have matured enough to want to be living alone and felt okay about it. I've always dreamt of being on my own as well, and during the time of moving out, I thought that I wouldn't have much of a chance to live alone the rest of my life because at that time I was in a very long and committed relationship. Our plans were for me to finish getting my bachelors and move back, and live together somewhere in New Jersey. So I was excited to live on my own like I have always wanted.

Living alone has been quite a life-changing experience. I learned how to grow up because I'm all on my own out here. Other than finding out what kind of groceries expire at roughly how many days, I learned how to battle toads coming into my apartment as I live on the first floor, I learned how long it takes for me to take out my clean clothes from the dryer, and I learned how to fix my printer when it's jacking up on me. I honestly learned that a majority of the time I am laughing out loud, I am laughing at myself. All jokes aside, I really did learn about who I really am. When you're given an opportunity to just focus on yourself, it's life-changing.

Don't get me wrong, I still went out a lot and hung with new friends I've made at my amazing new school. For half the year, I was still with my boy from back home. I originally planned on him visiting a lot more often than he did, which was another reason to have my own place. I also didn't know how I would like living with someone I have never met before being a transfer student. But as the year went on, living alone has taught me that we could not go on with our relationship. When you're not so blinded by things that hold you back, you move forward.

Living alone helped me have a quiet place to come home to when days were stressful. Like I mentioned before, when you're given an opportunity to focus on yourself, you take full advantage of it. I was able to become more studious than I have ever been. There were absolutely no distractions unless a toad got into my apartment.

I felt like all my experiences, big and small, were really pushing me to grow up. I found myself to start becoming super bubbly/happy. I felt like I was only stressed about stupid things, and my anxiety I've had for years? Wasn't feeling any of it anymore. Friends back home were worried if I would have an anxiety attack more often being alone. And quite frankly, I almost had one, but it was mainly because I was worried why I wasn't getting an anxiety attack anymore!

The only downsides to having no one live with you, is getting locked out or my dog being home alone for long hours when I am caught up at school. Also, if I came home just too damn drunk where I need someone to take care of me. That really sucked.

My lease for the year is up next week and I move out, but I chose to not live alone anymore. I loved living alone, I wouldn't have changed it if I could go back whatsoever. But my friend from my hometown will be my new roommate and I'm excited to experience something new.

If you have a choice of living alone for a bit, I would highly suggest it. It's been nothing but life-changing for me, and really opened my eyes to who I am.

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