How It Feels To Be A Senior In College

Four years ago I was starting my first day of Freshman year. I had no idea where I was going, and had no idea who anyone was besides my roommate. I didn’t know anyone in my classes, and sometimes got confused when trying to find the dining hall. Even though many times I would get lost walking to class, and sometimes try and find my way to the “8’s” for a party, I somehow managed to make it out of freshman year alive.

Fast forward three years, now I am a Senior. It seems strange to write it down because I think I’m still in denial. When I was a Freshman, the Seniors seemed so old. Now that I’m a Senior, I still feel young. Maybe it’s because I’m really short, or it just hasn’t hit me yet. I’m slowly starting to come to terms with being a Senior. I’ve already started thinking things like, “This is my last first day of classes”, or “This is the last time I’ll experience a month long winter break.”

The feeling of being a Senior is a tad indescribable. There has been days when I’ve wanted to cry, because that though of not being in the same place as my best friends next September makes me cringe. There has been days when I’ve been overwhelming happy, and have looked forward to making the most out of the Senior year. There has also been days when I’m a little confused, because it’s scary not knowing what the next chapter in your life will be.

I’ve decided it’s OK to feel this way. It’s OK to be worried and it’s OK now to know where you’ll be after graduation. There is no point to start worrying yet, and no reason to let the unknown of the future ruin your Senior year of college. Instead of worrying, be happy. Live in the moment, and enjoy the little things in life. Enjoy the time with your best friends when you’re just lounging on the lawn together. Enjoy the time decorating your dorm room with your best friend. Enjoy your alone time, and enjoy your going out time.

You’re finally at the point in life, when you need to make the most of everything you do. You really need to take it all in. Try new foods, go out every Thursday, and have FUN! Of course, stay up to date with your studies, but also enjoy being a Senior - because moment in time won’t happen again.

After graduation, you’re officially an adult. Say goodbye to yoga pants, and hello to brief cases. It’s time to trade in your bar heels for flats. So, make the most of your senior year. Drink a lot, laugh a lot, and love a lot. Let go of the petty drama, and worrying about making the most of the time you have left with your best friends.

In a blink of an eye, Senior year will be over. Make sure you are able to look back, and know you lived the most amazing year, with no regrets.
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