Over the several months that I have been writing for Odyssey, I haven't exposed my biggest secret well-known among my friends...I'm probably the biggest Pokemon lover known to mankind. I mean..ask my boyfriend. You'd be amazed at how many of our conversations transfer into Pokemon lingo. Legit told him he could use his Energy Retreat to escape. Sorry I'm sharing so many secrets..lol.

Point of this ramble is that I beyond love Pokemon. My two inch binder I literally have posted in the past month is almost full of the trading cards. Ridiculous, I know, but it's amazing.

If you have seen Indigo League, you know exactly how annoying Misty is, but we all know that we are secretly Misty on the inside. These are some reasons how I am Misty.

1. I HATE bugs.

Now I do have to say Caterpie is pretty cute, but in real life, every bug I come in contact with dies the minute I find someone to kill it for me because of course I'm not going to be the one to kill it. I'm too busy running away to find the person to kill the bug for me.

2. I'm wayyyyyyy too hopeful that someone will marry me.

Given, I'm pretty awesome catch ;) (joking, but you know). I get super excited about new relationships aka honeymooning, but I want to eventually get married, so I hope every relationship turns out this way.

3. I get angry over super small things.

Misty was angry here because Ash completely wrecked her bike and promised to repay her eventually. I would be sooooooo angry over this. Livid level angry. This is also Misty over super small things, which is unfortunately me as well...Love me anyway, I guess?

4. I yell at people but want them to love me anyway.

Misty is constantly yelling at Ash for the stupid things that he does, but she follows him around anyway. When she gets separated from Ash, she freaks out. Like freaks out, man. This is me...Ask my best friend. I'll scream at her, but yet I'm like "Where are you fam? I need you!" It's the most ridiculous thing in the world, but I continue to be this way. Sorry, Liv...

5. We're both adorable...

Not to like strum my own string or anything, but I think I'm pretty adorable some of the time. Definitely not first thing in the morning, but by the end of the day, I look pretty spiffy.