You're looking at the title of my article and you see a picture of Gerard Way, you're probably wondering why. I started writing when I was in middle school and my scene phase was well underway.

The first group I discovered was due to a childhood friend and it was called Blood On The Dance Floor. If you don't know who they are, please don't find out. That's what really perpetuated the beginning of my scene phase.

The writing began in the infancy of my scene days. I was still discovering the wonders of metal, alternative, and punk. I cannot tell you how but I found the band My Chemical Romance. This revolutionized my world.

I changed the way I dressed, my attitude, my hair and my views, all because of these guys. I LOVED them. Ask anyone who knew me back then and they will know how deeply I admired them. Quite frankly, I was obsessed. I have the tendency of taking one thing and dedicating my entire existence to it.

This was the one obsession I had for many years. This is the part where it gets embarrassing.

Now, everyone knows what fan-fiction is. If you don't, I dare you to search up your favorite couple and the word fan-fiction next to it.

Gerard Way, the lead vocalist, and Frank Iero, one of the guitarist did something called "stage gay" where they challenged homophobia by kissing on stage and promoting equality. My teenage mind was floored. I was fascinated by what they were doing. I genuinely believed that they would make a wonderful couple and that they were secretly together.

Once I saw that there were thousands of fan-fiction written about them, my obsession began. I would do nothing else but read stories about them in my free time. Everyone around me knew about it, too, because I never could keep quiet about it. Albeit, people thought I was weird, it did not diminish my passion.

One day I had the brilliant idea of writing about them myself. The reason being that there was one prompt that I wanted to see written out but I never found it. I couldn't write well and if you find any of my old notebooks, I'm sorry. It didn't matter how terrible my writing was, I would write ALL THE TIME. Every second I had free time, I would pull my notebook out. That's the thing i became known for in middle school.

Over time, I began to write about other people who I loved. Then, I would write things that had nothing to do with fan-fiction. I mostly enjoyed fiction. Last summer, I saw a post about joining Odyssey and here I am. Although I'm currently writing about my life experiences and articles that have nothing to do with MCR, I will never forget where my passion for writing came from.