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It’s no secret that the temperatures on Earth have been rising for some time now. Some people had the mildest winter they’ve experienced in their lifetimes, and others didn’t really have a “winter” at all. This has become such an issue that important figures are starting to call attention to it. 2016 presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, says that global warming is the planet's biggest threat right now. Famous and well-respected actor, Leonardo Dicaprio, emphasized in his Oscar winning speech how we all need to educate ourselves on the betterment of the environment. They do not speak of this issue for fun; they speak of it because it is becoming a dangerous and overwhelming concern. Not only does the environment receive direct harm, but also animals and humans do as well. We all can do our part even if it’s small, it still makes the difference we need to see.

1. Don’t litter. This is the most obvious and easy way to help our planet. Simply don’t litter. There will be a trashcan within your reach by the end of the day, I promise you. Be patient and be smart.

2. Recycle! Glass, plastic, paper, and more! Technology these days have allowed for so much reuse of resources, we’re stupid if we don’t take advantage of it. Almost every where you go, you have the option to recycle, so if you know something can be saved and reused please throw it in the recycling bin. Letting things go to waste is pointless.

3. Take shorter showers. Did you know that America uses five times more fresh water than any other country on the planet? Although we may not realize it, accessible fresh water is becoming an issue to many, and it isn’t right of us to take advantage of our shower time while others are looking for a glass to drink to stay alive. After four minutes you are clean enough…. get out.

4. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. This is one I just started doing and it’s as easy as it sounds! Many of us leave the water running the entire time we brush our teeth and it is simply a waste of clean water. Turn off the faucet until you need it again.

5. Use both sides of the paper when you print! Not only will it take up less room in your binder, but also it will take up less energy on Earth.

6. Stop buying bottled water. 90 percent of water bottles aren’t recycled. Using a reusable water bottle is a lifesaver. You save plastic and also get a creative and durable source to hold whatever you may be drinking.

7. Do as much as you can online or with technology. Now-a-days, you can almost do anything on a computer. There is online banking, online bill pay, online shopping, and so much more. None of this involves physical mail, which means saving paper!

8. Get reusable grocery bags. Yes, I know, they aren’t the most attractive bags to walk around holding, but it’s for your groceries…who cares! Millions of plastic grocery bags are used and thrown away within the same day. If you get reusable ones you can cut this number down by half!

9. Change your light bulbs. Compact fluorescent light bulbs save much more energy than regular ones. It’s a cheap and easy switch to do next time you have three minutes of down time.

10. Share! As I said earlier, one person can make the difference, and if that one person shares their knowledge to others, the difference can become a phenomenon. Whatever you know about the well being of Earth and how to protect it and its inhabitants you should relay to others. They, too, can help save our very own home.

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