How I Got Out of My Music Funk

I've been in a music stand still for the last few weeks. I stopped listening to Christmas music because Christmas came and went as fast as any other day, but not listening to Christmas music left me wanting and needing more. It had taken up my days and brought me nothing but joy. However, it's silly to keep on listening to Christmas music after Christmas, right?

Music is not something anyone should be without. Music connects people in unmeasurable and indescribable ways to others that they have never met and may have nothing in common with, except the music. I don't know if this is even making any sense, but the point is that music is everything. It's an outlet to inner emotions and a way to relate to others. Music brings everything good and simple and true in the world together. I would be nothing without it. So, you can imagine how lost I felt the days following the holidays, I felt deprived of the one thing that keeps my life together, even though it was still at my finger tips. I kept on clicking on Spotify, desperately searching for music that inspired me. But my trusty favorites came up lacking and I had no idea why. Had I lost that sense of place within them? Did I simply not relate to them anymore? Did I change? Did the music change? No. That was the same. Of course. It felt different. I no longer felt that undeniable connection with people I've never met. And for that, I felt alone.

I tried everything. I listened to BØRNS, Marina and The Diamonds, Zella Day, Lorde, Taylor Swift, HAIM, Mazzy Star, and many more, but none of them seemed to feel the void. It perplexed me because those artists have never disappointed me before. I know that one day they will be there for me again. They have to be. I refuse to believe those artists are merely a phase. They are more than that to me. I know it, but why didn't they fully cleanse my soul?

I still don't know the answer to that.

Then just a week ago, I realized there was something I hadn't tried yet. There were people I had left out of my attempt to bring back my love for music. Those people are the members of Alvvays.

Alvvays has gotten me out of my soul destroying music slump in the best way possible. There is something that Alvvays has that was missing in the other artists, and I don't know what that is. What I do know is that it is powerful. Ever since I started listening to them again, I have felt practically ready for anything (well, as much as someone can be in this day and age).

I know I've gone on and on about them before, but please, if you take one thing away from this article, let it be that this band is so much more than five people. Their lyrics and original, whimsical sound are like short stories running through my head. All I want to do is just jump into them.

Alvvays has this strange way of putting the smallest, most mundane scenes in life into words that make them intricate and full of meaning. There is a quote from the greatest movie of all time, Begin Again, that encapsulates the music that Alvvays creates. One of my favorite quotes reads "That's what I love about music...One of the most banal scenes is suddenly infested with so much meaning. All these banalities. They're suddenly turned into these beautiful, effervescent pearls." To be honest, I may have used this quote to describe music before, but I need to use it again. And again. And again. Anything to get that point across. Because that quotation is music, actually no all art forms, in a nut shell. And we would be no where without it.

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