I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Always. You should never jump to conclusions or assume the worst. Stories are exaggerated and people are always made to look worse then they really are. People make mistakes daily, I know I have, and people should be forgiven. But where do we draw the line of forgiveness and justification? This question can apply to work, relationships, or life in general. When a boyfriend yells at his girlfriend and she says he had a bad day its fine I forgive him , he said he would never do it again. Justification? or Forgiveness? Or both? We justify peoples actions because we love them or care for them in some way. But where is the line drawn? How long can we justify someone's actions before we're completely fooling ourselves. Ignorance is bliss I guess. Don't you get sick of justifying peoples actions. Don't you ever think to yourself "Wow I am so much better then a guy who hurts me for no reason?" or "This employee just isn't doing is work ever and thats all." I've found that so many people justify peoples actions so much that they find themselves in bad relationships and sticky situations. Life shouldn't be a string of bad relationships and sticky situations. We should realize that we are worth so much more then that and deserve so much more the that.

For how long do we justify people's actions before we realize we're hurting ourselves more then they're hurting us?