8 Ways Having A Dog Makes Your House A Home

8 Ways Having A Dog Makes Your House A Home

Thank you to our furry friends, our welcome committee, our biggest fans, and our cuddle buddies for making homes for us.


Anyone who has had one of these four-legged buddies knows that a dog is an important aspect to making a home! Here are some reasons why:

1. Having a dog means you will always be welcomed home.

Nothing makes a bad day better than walking in the door and having a FULL BLOWN FIESTA, thrown for you, because you showed up! Whether your dog jumps, licks, barks, or just wags, dogs are a built in welcome committee.

2. You will always have company.

Even when nobody else is home and you're just enjoying some Netflix, your pupper will be close by to provide extra snuggles or to help you finish your snacks. Going for a car ride? I'm sure your furry companion would be thrilled to jump in your back seat.

3. You have something to teach your kids responsibility.

Caring for something other than yourself can build character! From feeding to brushing to scooping poop, there are a lot of aspects that go in to caring for a dog, which translate into aspects that go into caring for other humans when you grow up! Plus, kids who grow up around dogs are more likely to not be scared of dogs when they grow up which is beneficial because why would you be scared of dogs when you can pet them?

4. A dog is the best therapist money could buy!

Sometimes, you just don't want to talk about it. Somehow, dogs can tell that it's been a rough day and they never ask for an explanation! Plus, a dog would never tell anyone the secrets you shared with them.

5. Having a dog may encourage a family to get outside together!

Dogs have to be exercised, and this responsibility may encourage families to get out more often than they would without the dog! Double bonus: exercise and quality time.

6. Dogs will make sure you get up, even if you don't want to.

Anyone who has ever had a dog knows what it feels like to be pounced on or barked at when your pooch decides it's time to get up and play!

7. An adopted dog will add a joy and purity to your house because they are thankful for a second chance.

Dogs know when they've been saved, and the thankfulness and humility found in rescues is an unparalleled energy!

8. Honestly, how could a face like this not make you feel at home?!

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