The 6 Different Types of Love

The 6 Different Types of Love

Which kind of lover are you?

How many times have you heard people say, there is no real definition of love? Until recently, I thought that this was true! That love has no real definition or specific label. However, there are actually six different types of love styles out there that many of us are unaware of! These love styles range from the crazy and controlling that we all try to avoid, all the way to the unconditional love that we all hope to find one day. If you Google, Hendricks and Hendricks love scale, you can even find a simple self-assessment quiz that will help you find out which attributes and habits in your partner, equal which kinds of love! Learning about different love styles can help you understand bae a little bit better and figure out what a relationship means to them. And, you can even learn a thing or two about yourself along the way! And if you ask me, I think that’s pretty damn cool!

The six different types of love styles out there are actually quite simple to understand. So here we go!


The first type of love, is Eros Love. Eros Love is a love that is based mainly around the idea of beauty and sexuality. This is all well and good while the sex is great and you are in the honeymoon phase. But, after time has passed, and the butterflies are settled, you may begin to realize that you actually have no attraction towards your partner at all! And, with Eros lovers overlooking many other important qualities in their partner, like commitment levels, communication levels, views on social issues, and future relationship goals, they could be left in a dead end relationship that will hurt them in the end. It's not all doom and gloom, though, Eros lovers do fall deeply in love! They're hopeless romantics, their love is fantasy like, and they love with such great intensity. Who wouldn't want to experience that kind of feeling?


The next type of love is Ludus! This Love circles around entertainment and excitement. While this seems like a good thing to many Ludus lovers; because they can pick and choose who they want to date and they can easily move on as soon as they get bored, it can be difficult for the person on the receiving end. Ludus lovers, or “players” do not take love seriously and therefore will just move on to someone new, without much of an explanation as to why the relationship has ended. And without eating the 550 gallons of ice cream that us emotional people eat after a breakup.


Storge Love is the next type of love on the list. Storge lovers will get along nice with each other because they share common interests and in many cases, they have already known each other for a relatively long time. While it would be nice to know your significant other and allow your relationship to grow and blossom into something much more, Storge Love sounds like more of a convenient companionship than a relationship if you ask me. Storge lovers lack passion, romance, and intense emotions, something more than just nice. Even sex is something that is not seen as a big deal or an important relationship factor.


Next up; Pragma Love. These types of lovers think about their relationship logically. They analyze their future and decide if both partners involved can satisfy each other’s desires and needs. Their realistic expectations about their relationship and about marriage life, suggest that Pragma lovers should be the perfect couples. But, to every great love, there is a downside. Some people think that Pragma lovers only enter a relationship that will make life easier. Is this always the best road to take? To settle for someone who will simplify your life and allow no room for errors along the way? While it is most certainly a good idea to analyze whether you could purchase a house with someone, or start a family with them, Pragma loves should be cautious when thinking, is this the only reason I am staying with this person?


Warning! Maniac Love! The Controlling one! Maniac love definitely has it's high points. Lovers can have a very intense, passionate bond between them, even losing sleep over the pure excitement of the relationship. Unfortunately, that is as far as the positives for Maniac Love go. Maniac Love can bring out some unfavorable emotions in couples; jealousy, worry, obsession. Sadly, Maniac Love can affect people so negatively that it can even lead to depression. This is not true love in my opinion. No love or relationship should lead you to the unfortunate circumstances of depression.


Last but not least, there is Agapic Love. I think this one is my own personal favorite! Agapic lovers, show love to each other based on selflessness and compassion. Agapic lovers, tend to love someone unconditionally, they do not expect to get anything in return for their love. They do not expect to get any personal gain or reward for it. They have no hidden agendas. Agapic Love is described as a spiritual and philosophical type of love. The love is pure and comes straight from the heart. Just be cautious not to let anyone walk all over you!
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5 Great Dates That Fit Your Budget

Cheaper loving

Everyone loves a good date. How can you not? Nothing can ever really compare to spending some quality time with that person you love (hopefully). But when money is tight, it is hard meeting the demands of fancy restaurants, $15 movie tickets and $8 boxes of popcorn. So instead of breaking the bank, try these cheaper dates instead!

1. Drive-ins

Yes! They do still exist, and they are much cheaper than their movie theatre counterpart. Drive-ins are perfect for seeing the latest films for a much cheaper price and a more personal experience. You get to be in the privacy of your own car and bring your own yummy (and cheaper) snacks!

2. Picnics

You may not be one for the outdoors, but even so, you have to picnic with your loved one at least once throughout your relationship. You get to be in nature which can actually be very refreshing and a change of pace from the business of daily life. Also, you can make inexpensive sandwiches and tasty snacks to share, and who doesn’t love that?

3. Exercise Date!

I know, it sounds horrible. Who likes to exercise? Well, working out with your significant other can actually be much more fun than you may perceive. Whether it is at the gym, at home, or on a run, you can motivate each other to be better, work harder, and hopefully get in better shape! When you’re bringing out the best in each other, the relationship can only become stronger, making not only your exercise dates more pleasant but also all other aspects of the relationship.

4. Puppies and Pet Stores

Who doesn’t love puppies? Take a trip to a local pet store or ASPCA with your significant other. Animals can make even the worst of days a little bit better. Take some time to play with the puppies, kitties, and other cute fluffy animals to boost your mood and spend some quality time with the one you love.

5. Dinner Dates (at home)

Going out to dinner is great, but it can get very expensive. By making your own meal at home, you can bond with your significant other as you struggle to cook. You still get to experience great food, but this time in the comfort of your own home. Also, you’ll have leftovers for a while, so even if you do have to spend a little extra, you will save on meals in the coming days.

Dates don’t always have to be elaborate expeditions to the most expensive restaurants or resorts. Looking for other types of ways to spend time with your significant other can be extremely fun and creative. These five options are just some of the numerous ways to really experience quality time with your favorite person.

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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6 Personality Quizzes To Take With Your New Partner

How important is compatibility in your relationship?

Online quizzes are crazy popular these days. They can be used as a tool to communicate with your partner about your needs, desires and personality quirks. Do not let an online quiz determine the effectiveness of your relationship, though. You should use them as a general metric, and you can use the results as a common language in your relationship.

1. The 5 Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages are Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Quality Time, Acts of Service and Receiving Gifts. The results of the quiz will allow you to discover how you receive love. For example, if your number one love language is Words of Affirmation, then you would communicate to your partner that is something you need in a relationship. The 5 Love Languages is something worth asking everyone in your life to take so you can properly appreciate those around you.

2. Attachment Styles

Hello! This is important! Learning about adult attachment styles changed my life. I'm serious. I thought I was a crazy person because I struggle to settle down in one relationship. This quiz has very self-explanatory results. But, if you're ready for your life to be changed: read "Attached" by Amir Levine.

3. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

MBTI is the most basic of personality quizzes. It asses people in four dimensions: introversion/extroversion, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling and judging/perceiving. I recommend MBTI because it is so popular that people have often taken it before and know their results. Occasionally, people include it on their Tinder bios.

4. "36 Questions That Lead to Love"

Okay, this isn't a quiz. However, these questions are a great way to get to know someone. I have my own personal list of questions I ask a potential partner, but here are 36 questions if you can't think of any.

5. "13 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married"

Don't panic. I'm not suggesting that you and your new partner are getting married. But, if you are trying to decide if you two are compatible long-term, these are the hard questions you should ask.

6. How kinky are you?

This one is just for fun. If you and your partner want to see what this quiz says your kinks are, it's worth it. I encourage you to not take the results too seriously. Read about how to practice kink safely (here and here) if that's something you and your partner are interested in.

Cover Image Credit: @couplegoals

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