25 Questions We All Ask Our Mom When We Move Out
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25 Questions Every Girl Will Ask Their Mom When They FINALLY Live On Their Own

How do you adult again?

25 Questions Every Girl Will Ask Their Mom When They FINALLY Live On Their Own

We all know how it goes. We move out, all excited to finally have our freedom and being on our own until we realize we may not have all the skills that we thought we did. Normal things such as doing our laundry become a mystery and we can't figure out how to cook chicken. And who do we go to figure all these things out? Our mom.

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What's my social security number?


Kind of an important thing to know.

I forgot when I took Advil for my cramps, if I take another one will I die?

The Office

I mean, it's a valid question.

This soup expired two months ago and I ate it, am I going to die?


Again, something only moms will know.

How do I cook a chicken?


And how do I know when it's done? When it's too raw? Too cooked?

What the heck is SRP?


....please someone tell me.

What's the best way to get a wine stain out of my shirt?


Or how to get anything our of my shirt really.

Are you sure I can leave the house with the slow cooker on? Because Jack Pearson in "This is Us" left his on and it set the house on fire and he died.

This is Us

What if my house catches on fire? What if it explodes?

I found a bump, am I going to die? Do I need to get health insurance?


Can I pull off mixing prints?

Breakfast at Tiffany's

 If I am separating whites from darks, would this be considered a white or a dark?

New Girl

Can't I just throw everything together in the washer and put it on cold?

Big Bang Theory

Every mom will say no.

Can I bleach this?

Doubt It

How much laundry detergent is too much?


We don't need the washing machine exploding.

What do you mean I can't use fabric softener as a detergent? Isn't it just a good-smelling version of detergent?

There's a Difference

We learn new things every day.

Who do I call if I locked myself out of the apartment?

Locked Out?

Can I have the Netflix password?


Can I have the Hulu password?

Thank You

Can this go in the dishwasher?

Can this go in the dishwasher?

Wait, how do I do my taxes?

Brb Crying

Truly the gif is all of us.

Is the bank open on Sundays?

I don't know

How long is too long to avoid going to the OBGYN?


Me avoiding my responsibilities like⁠—

What's the recipe for those cookies grandma used to make all the time? You know the ones.

Grandma's Cookies

Is dad there? He ignored my call and something is wrong with my car.

Car is Broken

Do you want to donate $5 to me for my coffee needs?


Can you please call me? I'm having a bad day.

Hug Your Mom Today

God bless mothers and all they have to deal with. We love you, miss you, and appreciate you so much.


Coffee money? Please?

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