How To Deal With A Relationship That Has An Expiration Date
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How To Deal With A Relationship That Has An Expiration Date

How To Deal With A Relationship That Has An Expiration Date

The relationship you want and have invested in has an expiration date for the end of the year that you and him must honor. It is not because what you two have is a fling, nor is it because the relationship was doomed from the start; it is only because it is what is necessary. You both wanted to be together, but you may be on different paths, one of you may be moving away, or the end of the year just calls for the end of the relationship. Just because there is a designated timer for you two being together does not mean you should not have a relationship. If you love someone and he loves you, there should never be any rule stopping you from trying to make it work. The expiration date does make things difficult. It creates a constant reminder that every passing day is a day closer to the end. It makes you strive to be as perfect as possible so that you two never fight. While these things are all very realistic, there are ways to have this special relationship without letting those instances happen. This may be the relationship that poses the biggest challenge and is the hardest to let go of, but of any relationship it is the most rewarding and the most exciting, because it allows you to truly live in the moments you have together. If you find yourself in a love with an expiration date I strongly suggest the following:

Assess the pros and cons.

It is a challenge, so make sure that this guy is someone you want to invest your time in and spend your time with. Is he good to you? Does he make you laugh? Do you find yourself wanting to spend those extra seconds with him?

Really take the time to get to know him.

Since there is a ticking clock, use those special nights to really get to know this guy. It is okay to ask the silly and hard questions. The more you know, the faster you become comfortable with each other, and that will lead to more fun and deeper conversations.

Get creative.

Instead of having a classic movie night and dinner in the apartment, go out. Try new restaurants, go to different bars. I suggest never going to the same place twice. Make it a point to do new things as much as possible. One night you could go bar hopping to different places, trying a new drink every time, and the next date night you could drive out and try go-karting (something I have always wanted to do).

Be upfront the moment something upsets you.

You do not have time to dwell on the little things he does that annoy you. The moment he hurts your feelings or maybe does something that makes you uncomfortable, you need to speak up. Do not let your feelings fester. If you hold everything in, time will pass and your anger towards him will grow. Don't waste that time. Be honest and work it out immediately. It takes more energy to hate than to love and you don't have time to hate.

Don't get caught up in the future.

This is the relationship where you live in the present. Do not plan for the next day or the next week. Live with him in that moment.

Even though you are invested, you will eventually have to back out, so be ready for that day.

Even though I advised not to think about the future, this is the inevitable. You need to know this man isn't forever, but for right now.

End amicably.

This is key. Break-ups are messy. But in this case, since you both know what the end game is going to be, it gives you both a chance to end what you had on a good note and still be friends. There is no reason why you can't still smile with familiarity at the man you once loved.

End the relationship with something you both will never forget.

Do not have this be the relationship where you ran out of time. Have this be the relationship where you two drove out to the outskirts of Dallas to go skydiving 13,500 feet in the air. Have this be the relationship where you two took a road trip through the state. Have this be the relationship that is more than a timer. Make him special.

This will be a challenge. Some people do not try this because they fear the end too much. But the fear they have will only prevent them from missing out on something special. I took the chance to invest myself in a relationship with an expiration date and if I hadn't taken the jump, I would have missed out on the most special man I ever got to meet. It is hard, but it is so rewarding.

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