How To Create The Perfect Summer Staycation
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How To Create The Perfect Summer Staycation

Turn home into a getaway destination...

How To Create The Perfect Summer Staycation

While we can’t always get away to our dream destinations, we can bring some of the fun and sun home. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect getaway, without leaving your zip code.

1.Remove all forms of technology, even if it’s just for a day: When I am on vacation, I try my best to not get sucked into the endless black hole of social media. Give your brain a rest from the screen and perhaps try reading a book, or take up crossword puzzles for the afternoon.

2.Go outside: A huge part of going away is exploring the outdoors and sights. Bring a towel outside and take a nap, or listen to some music under a shady tree. Sometimes just spending time outside changes up my daily routine enough to make me feel like I am away from home.

3.Redecorate your home: If it’s those beach vibes you are missing, try bringing in blue hues and seashell decorations. Whenever I am feeling bored, I go through magazines to get some inspiration for home décor. Simply adding in a few new elements into your room can refresh and rejuvenate you spirits!

4.Get a massage: This has been on my list for a while now, and quite frankly, I think it is a must. Being able to let go of stress can be impossible sometimes, so spoil yourself and wave those worries goodbye with a nice stone massage.

5.Walk barefoot around the house: One of my favorite things is walking barefoot on the beach and feeling the sand between all ten toes. To recreate this feeling at home, I ditch the shoes and let my feet breathe. Try walking through wet grass and enjoy the mud squish between your toes.

6.Sleep in a robe: We all know how cozy those oversized hotel robes can be. Prop some pillows and take a nap in a white wondrous robe to reenact the hotel feel.

7.Make it a pool day: Whether it’s the community pool, a kiddie pool, a bathtub, the ocean, whatever form of water it is, allot some time for a little R&R. Pick up some lavender bath salts, or get some inflatable toys for the pool to add something new and fun. Even the little things can add some excitement.

8.Try a new restaurant: Part of the fun while vacationing is trying new food! Get out of your comfort zone and go experience the spice of Indian cuisine or a sweet Thai curry. One of my all-time enjoyments is ordering a dish I have never heard of before and wondering how I am going to like it.

9.Change up your wardrobe: Try wearing outfits that have never made it out of the closet. Grab that shirt out of the back drawer and mix it up a bit! Whenever I diversify my wardrobe, I feel completely new.

10.Give yourself a break: Don’t worry if you skip a day at the gym or didn’t empty the dishwasher before bed. Skip a few days of chores and prioritize yourself. After all, it’s your vacation, and it can be all about you for a few days.

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