So far most colleges have completed their third week into the fall semester. Although it may seem like that to your family and friends who are left behind, it feels as though it has been longer. First week of school was super easy with the easy syllabus quizzes and icebreakers. Second week of school was basically just an introduction week into every topic or subject in class, and now with the third week behind we all know how rough everything is about to be for the rest of the fall semester. All of the easy things are done and over with, college is about to slam your face into the biggest brick wall. Maybe it’s just me, but the rest of the semester from this point on is about to be super difficult, and here’s why:

The First Test

The first test in any class will always be the hardest. You have no idea how the teacher is going to test, or even what kind of questions they will ask. Your teacher will be throwing you a curveball with the first test and that is always a for sure thing, so just make sure to study EVERYTHING!

Remembering To Eat

With going to class everyday, trying to find time to study at the library, and working out, you find it hard to squeeze in a nice meal or even grab a snack. Sometimes being so stressed can cause you not to even be hungry. One way to get around this would be to always keep a snack in your backpack and get into the habit of grabbing a drink every morning, even if you don’t drink it.


Four weeks into the semester and your teacher probably already wants you to write them a paper on something they taught during the first week. Not only will that be hard for you to do since you aren’t really sure on how the teacher grades but lets not forget that there has been revisions with the MLA formatting style so make sure to read up on the difference before you submit those late night half-a** papers.

Studying and Sleeping

One thing that seems to always be an issue is getting enough sleep or getting enough study time in. There will be times where you have to decide between getting more hours of studying or more hours of sleep. It’s almost like deciding if you want your writing hand amputated or your dominant foot amputated.

So far college has been very stressful, that’s understandable. Just always remember that there are people who can help you. Having trouble writing your paper? Go to the writing center for help. Having trouble understanding Chemistry? Go get a free tutor or go to the SIP sessions, they are free. Having trouble eating or remember to grab a meal? Start adding reminders in your phone or designate times to go eat during the day. Do you have no clue how to study for a test? Email your teacher, most of them will respond within a day with more than enough information. When it comes to sleeping or studying I cant really tell you what to do there, but I always decide to sleep, because being sleep deprived will effect you the rest of the week.