How Chicago Was An Eye Opener

We went to Chicago because were all on a mission.

We weren't just there to be there, but each of us were there for one reason, to give our love to the homeless. It isn't everyday that you walk under a bridge, and discover a man sleeping on a card board box with no place to call his home. It isn't everyday that a man tells you that he hasn't had a change of clothes in over a month. But everyday so many of the homeless can be ignored and made fun of and to be honest... it saddens me.

When we were giving the homeless their food in Chicago, they all would say, "Thank you." After we gave them their food, we asked them if they wanted to pray with us, and they all did. They didn't care that they didn't have a home, and they certainly weren't upset about it, instead they were just happy to have food that day, and they thanked God for it. I could really tell how grateful they were even though they didn't have much. They don't deserve to be treated like nothing. They deserve to be treated like a normal human being. I think sometimes we don't realize how much we can ignore the homeless, when we see them on the streets. Instead of looking at them and judging them, we should stop, give them something to eat, and just ask them how they are doing.

Have we forgotten that everyone is a human being who deserves to be created with dignity and respect because they were created in the image of God?

Sometimes I think we have.

Chicago made me realize how ungrateful I am, even with everything I have in my life. The homeless in Chicago literally had NOTHING, and yet they would still give a smile on their faces for what they were given. Its incredible how much I get and yet I still complain. I have a roof over my head, I have clothes to wear, I get to shower everyday, I have food on the table, I have a job, and I have a family that loves me. I have SO much, but yet I still seem unhappy.

I realized that I should stop being unhappy and I should put a smile on my face no matter how awful I think something is. I need to be more appreciative for what God had given me, even when things don't go exactly my way because I know that there's someone out there that has it much worse than I do. I know that there are homeless men and women out there tonight sleeping under bridges. They might not have a loving family with them, they may not have any food, they may not have any new clothes to wear, but still are thankful for the day that they are given, and the life that they have.

It shows me that these people are truly a gift from God and they are unique individuals. These people who may have gotten off on the wrong foot, but so what? They are people who make mistakes, just like you and me.

God never said that this life would be a piece of cake, and he never said there wouldn't be obstacles in your path, but its how you choose to overcome them, and its how you choose to carry your cross. You can either give up, and fall to the ground, or you can get back up, pick up your cross, and put a smile on your face. For the Lord loved you so much that he gave up his only son, and died on the cross, so that you might have eternal life.

Thank you Chicago.

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