Hopelessness Steals, Kills, And Destroys

Hopelessness Steals, Kills, And Destroys

Don't let emotions ruin your life by letting it take over your identity

Ana Bohr


Joy killer, desperation, anxiety, frustration, sadness.

These are all words that can describe hopelessness. To feel hopeless is to become hopeless. It’s an unending cycle, a twisted mind-game, and a mindset that many people want to get out of but don’t know how. It can literally suck every ounce of life away from a person, and can pretty much take them down the road of insanity. Hopelessness is probably one of the most lonely experiences a human could go through. On the other hand, there is hope, and it is possible to break free from this mindset if you allow yourself to.

Everybody experiences hopelessness at one point or another, whether it's a break-up, the loss of a job, a best friend turning their back when you least expect it, or even losing someone you love due to death. There are a lot of traumatic events that can trigger the emotion of hopelessness. It is perfectly natural and okay to be feeling these emotions, any human would, and it's most definitely normal to have these feelings especially when something terrible happens. What is not okay is to be stuck in this mindset, to continue living life stuck in a victim mentality, and/or to find self pity in every circumstance that you encounter. It takes a strong person to understand that it's okay to feel hopeless for a short period of time, but to then pick up those feelings of doubt and toss them to the side. A strong person will look towards the future, and move forward with hope in their heart. A strong person will not be stuck living in the past carrying a burden of regrets.

Feelings come and go, and it's okay to be feeling the feelings that you do. Don't let emotions ruin your life by letting it take over your identity. We are not meant to live on a roller coaster of emotions. We are not defined by our past circumstances. Whoever you are, you are an overcomer. In other words, you will successfully gain control over something difficult. You will get through the feelings if you allow yourself to. Life is full of difficult paths, bumps in the road, and circumstances that seem never-ending. When you replace frustration with hope, sadness with trust, joy killer with freedom, and desperation with joy, you will see circumstances in a different way and in a new light. You will gain a new perspective on life, over your circumstances, and you will start to see huge obstacles as tiny mountains that you have overcome in your life. Don't give up, don't look at life as if it's out to get you. Look forward to the hard times that come your way because it will only sharpen you into becoming a better person.

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