Stressing over what to do for spring break? Stay home! There are plenty of ways to make your hometown the best spring break destination. Family, friends, food - these are just a few of the reasons why you should go home.

1. You will have relaxation at its finest

Everyone can admit that no matter how many face masks you do or Netflix shows you binge, student life automatically inhibits your ability to relax. With never-ending deadlines, it's hard to truly relax when you know there's always something you could be working on. But with a week home, there's not much to do BUT relax. Siblings are at school, parents are at work, stretch out on the couch and watch all the movies your heart desires!

2. You get to see your family, especially your pets

It is hard to make time for family during the semester. At most, you can squeeze in a weekend visit, but nothing beats family time. Sure, family is special and people fight all the time, but a week just enough time to catch up before getting annoyed with each other. Oh, and you get to see your pets! A week of interrupted time cuddling with your dog - who could ask for more?

3. Your bed never gets old

Finally! I won't be crammed in the top bunk! No one can argue that quality time with your bed is a bad thing. Laying in bed all day is usually what I want to do when I wake up in the mornings, so it's nice to know that I can actually do that over spring break.

4. You can take a shower...without shower shoes

This one takes the cake. Taking a long shower with privacy and without fear of contracting something is simply amazing. I do not have to worry about the drain getting clogged by hair, living with 9 other girls has its challenges, and I can sing as loud as I want! Above that, I can take baths again! Seriously, that is a serious drawback of being at school, I can never take a bath! But do not worry, my bathtub will be getting a lot of use this break.

5. You can hit all of your favorite, go-to spots

This is my favorite part of going home. I have serious hometown diner withdrawals and it hurts to know that no one will ever understand the magic of some of my go-to spots. So, when I do go home, I make sure to hit up all of those amazing places. For all of my Pittsburgh readers, I'm talking about Eat'n Park, Pamela's, the Strip, Squirrel Hill, and so much more. Past that, free time is always great for exploring your city and finding some new go-to spots!

6. Hometown friends are the realest

There is something so special about hometown friends. You can go a whole semester without seeing them, yet when you are together, it feels like no time was lost. These are the people who have shared so many firsts with you: first kiss, first school dance, getting into college, and many more memories. Spend your time at home catching up with these friends. Even those friends who you have fallen out of contact with, being home is a great way to encourage meeting up and making up for the lost time.

7. It is way cheaper

If nothing else, going home will hurt your bank account way less than going on some exotic trip. Sure, you might miss out on some music festival or some crazy beach party, but your bank account will thank you when you can use that saved money to pay off student loans. Plus, you do not have to worry about the pressure that comes with posting the perfect bikini pic!