After spending a semester at school drinking nothing but Starbucks and Keurig cups, I really have grown to miss my favorite hometown coffee shop, Bankhouse Coffee.

Anyone who knows me KNOWS how much I adore this coffee shop. I tell everyone I know about my love for coffee and this little shop. It is the perfect place to study, catch up with friends, or just relax. Located in Long Beach, Mississippi right by the Gulf of Mexico, the building is actually an old bank, which makes it that much more unique.

The coffee shop is full of character, with original architectural pieces and fun subway floor tiles. There are chairs and tables for all of your studying needs and also a big, black couch that is THE MOST comfortable couch I have ever sat on. The welcoming and cozy atmosphere has always lifted my spirits and made me feel at home.

In addition to the amazing atmosphere, this coffee shop has hands down the best coffee I have ever had, and I have had A LOT of coffee.

There is something for everyone on their menu. They have all the coffee classics, as well as some signature drinks. I highly recommend the Bankhouse Latte, hot or iced depending on what you are feeling. The baristas who work there not only know how to make a good cup of coffee, but they truly are some of the kindest people and certainly play a big part in making this the business it is. The family who owns this shop is also extremely kind and involved in the community.

There is something so special about walking into a business and being treated like a friend.

Above all else, my favorite thing about Bankhouse is all the memories that I have made there. I have spent MANY afternoons there spending quality time with my best friends having the best conversations on the best couch. I have laughed until I could not breathe and I have also cried attempting to study for the ACT or listening to a sad song. I have made so many personal connections over drinking coffee, and I will forever be grateful for Bankhouse for giving my friends and I the space to grow and connect, all while serving the best of the best. I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life.

Bankhouse, thank you for serving the best coffee in the world and thank you for all of the memories! Long Beach, Mississippi is so blessed to have this treasure.