I Get Homesick For More Than Just My Home

When I got to college for the first time this August, I quickly adjusted. It was unusual, but it worked out for me. All of a sudden, I realized that I had so many more homes than the one I would return to for fall break.

When I did not feel so homesick as most freshmen do, I felt guilty. I missed my family and my friends, of course, but I was not necessarily "homesick." I was enjoying college and meeting new people. I found that college had become another home to me.

As school continued, I began to miss parts of home but not the parts I thought I would miss. Rather than missing my room or sleeping in my own bed, I missed the beach and running on the boardwalk with my dad. I missed my sisters coming in and distracting me when I was doing homework. I missed coming home from track practice and telling my mom everything about my day. So…maybe I was homesick?? But I was so distracted by all of the excitement at school that I did not even realize I missed it all until I really did go home for fall break.

However, during fall break something curious happened. I was so beyond happy to be home. I really was, but I came to the realization that by the end of the week I missed college, too! I missed saying good night to my roommates at late hours and blasting music in the hall and running with my club running friends. I was annoyed at this, at first. Why couldn't I be pleased? No matter where I was I would always be missing another place…but not just any place. I was homesick for the people I surround myself with and the memories we make.

They say home is where the heart is, and my heart is with my family, my friends, my dog, the beach, college, the bagel cafe down the block…You name it. Keep making memories because that is what you really are homesick for. You may not be able to go back to the way things were in May of senior year, but you also will never be able to be in the moment you are in right now ever again. Soak up every moment. One day you will be homesick for this time in your life, too.

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