Being A Homebody During The Summer Is OK

Being A Homebody During The Summer Is OK

Whatever way you spend your summer, make sure you enjoy it.

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It seems everyone is always looking forward to the summer. If you live in New York, you’ve experienced the sticky humidity each year and have probably mentally prepared yourself for at least one heatwave. Despite the extreme weather, the summer is filled with many opportunities for work and relaxation.

The summer is meant to be a break time for students, primarily, to go to the beach, sleep in late, hang out with our loved ones and not worry about schoolwork. It’s the time to go away on exotic vacations to places like the Bahamas or simply visit other states in the country.

But other kind of summers are often forgotten about – the staying-in kind. Everyone is different: we can all identify as introvert, extrovert or a combination of the two. I consider myself a combination of the two but do lean towards being more introvert during the summer. After ending semesters that felt like they lasted more than four months, I only want to stay indoors for a while not doing a lot.

This may not be everyone’s ideal summer but for me it is, or at least part of it is. I’m sure I’m not alone either. Not all of us want to always go out with friends and party because that’s what we’re supposed to do during our break. It’s great making memories but it’s also awesome taking some time for ourselves to recollect and start fresh again.

Granted, I don’t stay in the entire summer. I do enjoy going away as much as I love being in bed with a good book or watching a favorite show. This isn’t to say that typical summers spent with friends at the beach with a bonfire are terrible but being a homebody isn’t something to be ashamed about either.

Staying in during the summer gives me the opportunity to recharge and finally do the things that I want to do. I may love English but I don’t always want to write papers. I love journalism but that doesn’t mean I want to analyze every piece of media out there. Whatever way you spend your summer, make sure you enjoy it.

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