Pros And Cons Of Living At Home In The Summer
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Pros And Cons Of Living At Home In The Summer

A summer vacation at home isn't ideal, but there are good things about it as well.

Pros And Cons Of Living At Home In The Summer
Greg Kretovic

As much as I love being on Kalamazoo College’s campus during the year, I can’t help but long for the time when classes end for the summer. Since K is on trimesters, my summer begins much later than most other college students (school ended only about a month ago at the time of writing this). So once it hit June I was really itching to finish up my exams and get out of there. I don’t have any big vacation plans, nor do I live anywhere warmer than Kalamazoo (I live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula); I was just excited to go home. This is my second summer of college, both of which were spent at home, so I know of some of the issues that can arise when living at home in the summer. But, of course, there are some pretty awesome things about it, too. Here are some pros and cons of living at home during the summer:

Pro: It’s finally summer!

The moment summer vacation finally arrives brings a huge wave of relief. No more papers, no more exams, total relaxation.

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Con: Boredom is a common occurrence.

Once the first week or so of summer vacation has passed, it becomes more and more difficult to find enjoyment in lying around doing nothing but binge-watching Netflix and eating whole bags of chips in one sitting.

Pro: Summer means beach!

Not everyone has the privilege of living in short walking distance of a beach (I live about a five minute’s walk away from one of the beaches on Lake Superior), and if you do, summer is the time to take advantage of it.

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Con: Inconsistent weather makes it almost impossible to make such plans.

Aside from Lake Superior being unbearably freezing until about the middle of August, I never know what the weather will be like. Yesterday, for instance, it was ninety degrees and sunny. Today it barely broke sixty and it was raining. #YooperProblems

Pro: There’s plenty of time to catch up with high school friends…

One of my best friends goes to Western Michigan University, which is essentially in K’s backyard, but we hardly had any time to see each other because of our insane schedules. Another best friend stayed in the UP for school. It’s just easier for us to keep in touch when we’re all in the same city.

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Con: …but we’re all on different schedules.

I’m currently not working, but my friends are working in fast food, so their hours are pretty irregular. When I was working last summer, it was even harder to find time to spend together.

Pro: Spending time with family

If you’re as close to your family as I am with mine, then you know the value of seeing your family after living away from them for months at a time.

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Con: Spending time with family

However, too much family time can actually be a bad thing! My sisters and I love each other, but we butt heads more often than not…

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Pro: You get to hang out with your pets!

I have two cats and a dog at home, and one of the things I miss most when I’m away at school is getting to play with and hug them. They’re my babies!

Con: Allergies are a major annoyance.

To my dismay, I have discovered that I am allergic to one or both of my cats. Being away from them for so long must have made my nose unused to having cats around.

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Pro: Family vacation

As I said before, we don’t have any major vacations planned, but later this month, we’re going to Chicago to see Coldplay. This is my dream concert, and I’m really grateful that I get to experience it with my family!

Con: Even more family time

Chicago is about a five— or six—hour drive from our house, and lately my two younger sisters and I can’t seem to be around each other for more than 10 minutes without getting at each other’s throats in one way or another.

Although not everyone will have had the same experiences as I’ve had, I have a feeling that there’s some sort of mutual consensus about what works and what doesn’t when living at home during the summer. Since I’ll be a junior next year and hoping to rent an apartment with a few of my friends, this is probably my last full summer at home, and while living at home can at times be painful, I will try to enjoy every minute I can; I still have a lot to look forward to!

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