5 Things About Being Home That Are Different Than Being At College

Nothing beats a summer at home.

The time with family, the familiar places, it's all just so exciting to come back where it all began.

But, somehow, your college campus has also become home- in some way. Now that you're leaving the place you've lived at for the past 8 months, you have to go back to normal?

Here are 5 things that are different at home than at school.

1. You can't live like you do in college because your parents are watching

It's not the same as being in school, because no one has to know where you are, and when you are. Your parents wonder where you are, and how late you'll be out, or if you're safe. When you're away, they simply just don't know- so they can't worry like they do when you come home for summer. You can't watch Netflix all day because they can catch you, and then try and convince you to stop. You can't UberEats at 1 a.m. and hope no one sees you, because the dogs will bark if they see you leave or UberEats isn't available in your area. Everything is different, but is that so bad?

2. Your bed is so much bigger

If you live on campus, you know that your twin XL bed just doesn't do it for you sometimes. The memory-foam memory top makes a difference, but nothing - and I mean nothing - beats your childhood bed. My full-size bed is literally heaven compared to my dorm bed, and that sleep is incomparable.

3. Your hometown friends are different than your college friends

Your friends from home know you, or who you were a little while ago. But, there's something different about the friends you meet in college. College friends understand your experience a little more, and are there for the 2 a.m. library meetings and that crappy Gen. Ed bio class you had to take easier than your old friend from high school. High school friends are great for catching up, but it's hard to re-connect with everyone now that you've all grown and changed.

4. Three words: Home cooked meals

During the year, even if you have a kitchen, you typically live on cafeteria food or some type of oven and or microwave-ready snack for your survival. The ice cream machine in the cafeteria is your best friend, but nothing beats a real home-cooked meal. While your friends may get together every once and a while for a dinner night, it's not like mama does it. Summer means good food and nothing can beat that.

5. Finally, taking your summer class as serious as your fall/spring classes

Every summer I take a few online classes, and it is just so hard for me to take it as seriously as my other classes during the fall or spring semesters. It's so hard for me to stop the relaxing and to put in the effort. Beside, the semester is so much shorter, and does anyone ever remember their summer classes?

While both places have their good and bad features, it's exciting to get the chance to experience both. But, you know what they say, there's no place like home.

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