When You Easily Make Homes Away From Home, You Know These Things To Be True

I have found a way to make a place my home no matter where I am. I choose to surround myself with people I can consider a strong support system, and I make myself feel at home in a way that makes moving away okay. Even when I do have a home away from home though, it isn't always perfect.

Pro: I don't feel homesick as often as other people.

Con: Your mom corrects you when you call the other place home.

In her defense, it's because it makes her sad thinking that she isn't what you'll consider home forever. To moms: we make the other place homey because if we don't, we would NEVER leave home. #40YearOldLivingInMom'sBasement

Pro: You get to make more friends in your new home.

You've got your friends from your hometown, but you also get to make more. That's a win-win in my book.

Con: When you go to visit your hometown, you miss your new home.

This is where it gets hard...especially because you finally got used to the flow of where you live now!

Pro: You get to know what it's like living in a new place.

It has its own charm, and its own downfalls.

Con: You have to get used to the local way.

Sometimes this can be a bit of a culture shock. Whether you grew up in a small town and moved to a big city or vice versa, there's always new things to get used to, and it isn't always easy.

Pro: You get to live however you want now...NO RULES!

That's right, you can now stay up as late as you want and you can leave the house at 2 a.m. if you really want to. But then you'll find out why exactly your parents had those rules in the first place.

Con: Adulting sometimes sucks.

Whether those are bills, making doctor appointments on your own, or learning how to cook and do laundry, adulting isn't always as fun as we imagined as kids.

Pro: You have a place where you feel welcome to be unapologetically you.

Odds are, you've found a place that truly accepts you for you, which maybe you didn't have in your old home. No one knows you, so you can introduce yourself as the true you.

Con: It makes it that much harder to say goodbye to that place.

Whether you move away for a job to an all new place or decide to go back to your hometown, it sucks having to leave a place that left its mark on your heart.

I've been lucky in that I have been able to find a home no matter where I am, but saying goodbye is much harder when you can call a place your home. You leave a mark wherever you call home, and that place leaves a mark on you. Life, my friends, is short, so no matter where you are, take full advantage of the experience!

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