I recently stumbled across the quote "You will never be completely at home again because part of your heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place." which is written by Miriam Adeney.

As I now finish my first year of college, I truly feel and comprehend its meaning. As summer break approaches, I'm eager to go home. However, I feel disheartened to be leaving the new friends and the new home that I've created at Villanova. Home becomes a vague term once you begin to travel to new places and meet new people. You give a piece of your heart to a multitude of people and places as you live your life. Lately, I've referred to returning to my dorm as returning home. I didn't even realize I'd been slipping into that habit. I'm happy to have found people and a place that I want to give my heart to. I've given Villanova a piece of my heart so as I prepare to depart in two weeks, I do feel sadness.

On the other hand, I'm beyond excited to see my house, my family, my home friends, and the familiarity of the community I grew up in. When my car pulls into the driveway of my house, I feel a sense of comfort. I knock on the door and hear my mom's footsteps running to the door to welcome me back. My heart is truly content as I sit in the car with my best friends on the bridge driving to the beach. This is my childhood. This is the place that shaped me into the person I am. This place is home to the people I grew up with. I remember leaving my high school on graduation day and knowing it would be the last time that my classmates and I would sit all together in one place. A piece of my heart will forever be ingrained here.

Going to summer camp and meeting new people. It's an unforgettable experience and memory to me. In that place, I gave a piece of my heart.

Being a part of the many swim teams that I partake in throughout my life. Those are moments I'd never forget. I gave a piece of my heart to that.

Even to the people I no longer speak to but once were my best friends. Those people were home at a point in my life. They gave me pure joy. I wouldn't take that back for anything. I gave a piece of my heart to that.

Where is home? What is home? Who is home?

Home is so many different places. I love so many different places, people, memories, and moments. I've given a part of my heart to so many things. I may never be completely at home again because of this. However, the price to pay is so worthy. Everything has made me into the person I am now. I'm certain I'll meet even more people and travel to more places in my future. I'm sure that I'll leave a part of my heart with those people and in those places. But how could one be regretful of such a thing? Love is so endless and giving love to such things makes it so that you are never not home.