The Best Things About Being Home

The Best Things About Being Home

There's no place like home; there's no place like home

After a long year away at school, I look forward to being home. I am so thankful for the year of learning and experience I have had but I am very excited to be home as well. You forget what you have until you miss it and let me tell you, I missed home a whole lot this past year.

1. Home Cooked Meals

College food sucks, to say the least. I go to a school with some of the best food in the nation and I still think it's awful. While I'm home I take full advantage of my mother's cooking.

2. Familiar Places

It's great to come home and go to all of your local favorite places. You see a familiar face where ever you venture and there is a sense of being home.

3. Hometown Friends

The friends you grew up with since you were in Kindergarten will be home at the same time as you this summer break. You can talk and share stories while still creating new memories.

4. You Have Your Own Room

No more worrying about your roommate's mess and your space versus their's. Your room is your own and you can be the biggest pig you want. You can fling your clothes around and not have a worry in the world.

5. Your Mom Will Do Your Laundry

No more swiping your card to do laundry or walking up and down four flights of stairs. You just put it in the hamper and then a day or two later its clean and back in your closet. You may think it's the laundry fairy, but it's most likely your mother.

6. TV Channels Are Endless

It doesn't matter if you have Verizon or Time Warner, what does matter is the amount of tv channels you have. At home, you will have thousands of channels compared to the measly 50 you have at school.

7. No Alarms

Unless you have work or something to do there is no reason to get up. You can sleep in for as long as you want and even spend the day in bed. What are obligations?

8. Reliable Wi-Fi

No more spotty connections. No more sitting on your bed for five minutes as your computer reconnects. The Wi-Fi at home is speedy and reliable.

9. Bed, Sweet Bed

Your home is where your bed is. No more plastic mattress just your soft little piece of heaven. Appreciate your bed because you're only home for four months.

10. Your Own Bathroom

No more sharing your bathroom with other people and no more sitting in a stall. You can lock the door and enjoy your privacy while at home.

11. Being home

Dorthy said it best, "There's no place like home." Creating new memories and learning new things scholastically and about the world is cool and all but there truly is no place like home.

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Do Businesses Want To Take Away Our Freedom of Expression?

We're born to stand out.

Funny how freedom of expression works, they tell you to express yourself and do not change who you are. Yet, at the first sign that you're not going to fit into societal norms they tell you to change who you are, so your more "hirable" or to fit into their box. What happened to our freedom! When I was younger, I was told you will not be judged when you get older.

When I became a teenager I was told to just try and blend in so I wouldn't draw too much attention to myself. I was not born to be in a box looking like another drone in today's society, I will not be told: "Oh have you thought about losing 60 pounds or you would be so pretty if you lost that fat under your arms." I am who I am, I am not someone for you to pick apart piece by piece, I am proud of who I am, not I not this skinny tan perfect little girl.

I have boobs and a butt, I have a stomach and I may not be your perfect model of whatever you're looking for but who cares! The sad part is though most companies do care they want this perfect drone perfect makeup, body hair that is long and no tattoos at least that are visible, nothing that will draw too much attention. Funny right?

I am NOT that perfect little doll that they are looking for I have brightly colored hair and I have my own unique sense of style. I don't fit into that box that they want and I don't want to, I will not change who I am to fit a job if they don't like me for who I am why would I want to work there. My qualifications should be what they look at not the newest bag of the season or if I have the look that they want.

What do my looks have to do with anything, my hair can be whatever color I want if I want galaxy hair and to express myself that way why does it matter. It is not going to affect my performance to have colorful hair. Today's society is so obsessed with making sure that everyone is skinny and has this perfect body and look that when someone doesn't fit into that box they are seen as an outcast.

I am not an outcast because I don't want to look like everyone else, it makes me unique and if someone does not want to hire me because I am different or because I have kind of wild hair or a unique sense of style that is their problem, not mine. I will not change who I am to fit a job, my qualifications should be the top priority not if I am wearing the hottest fashions or have a more normal look.

I am different I have opinions and I have my own expression if that is not something that a company can understand why would I want to work with a company that values looks over qualifications and commitment.

As I am currently in the job market I can say myself that a lot of companies will take how you look over your qualifications because they want to sell an image. The problem with trying to sell an image of a particular type of person is that most of the population today don't fit into these tiny little boxes that they want to put us in. We all are different some people want to color their hair wild colors and try out new and edgy styles others want tattoos and to make their skin their own personal canvas. It doesn't change who we are on the inside it doesn't change our qualifications it is just how we express ourselves and isn't that what we should be doing expressing our individuality? Wouldn't a business want someone that is interesting and has something unique to bring to the table or is that just a ploy, to seem more in touch with todays society. I will never change who I am to fit a company or to get a job if they don't like who I am that is their problem I am a free thinker and I don't fit into a box, I was born to stand out.

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Yes, College Changed Me And There Is Nothing Wrong With That

College absolutely changed me, but I couldn't be any happier.

When I was a high school senior, I was torn in my decision of where to go to college.

There were certainly pros and cons to each option but I needed a place where I truly can grow and be the real me. I decided to go to school 7 ½ hours away from home. This “big” decision was something new entirely and quite exciting.

Going to school far away sure has its challenges.

That “school is so hard, I just want to go home” homesickness definitely took its toll on my first semester.

I didn’t have the option to just go home for the weekend, visits had to be planned weeks ahead and days had to be taken off.

It was also impossible to see my high school friends unless it was any kind of break that I happened to be home for.

I learned what Drake actually meant by “YOLO.” Many people interpret this saying many different ways- but I’ve chosen to look at it differently. High school was a time where risks weren’t really a part of my life, I didn’t like being in the dark about the circumstances or outcome.

Since I’ve been in college I have taken risks socially and mentally. I can honestly admit this was one of the best risks I’ve ever taken.

I also learned to be confident and more independent. I stopped asking myself “why do you want to do this?” and started asking myself “when do you want to do this?” After asking this to myself a couple times I found the true me, and I completely fell in love.

In high school, you would never catch me sitting alone, but now I’ll sit in Starbucks for about 3 hours by myself either doing homework, watching Netflix, or browsing Redbubble.

While there were, and still are, some days that are a lot harder than others, the lessons and experiences I’ve gained as a college freshman are priceless. I was able to become the best version of myself, live my life to the absolute fullest, and still continue to grow as a young adult.

Cover Image Credit: Amelia Thomas

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