Holiday Season is HERE!
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Holiday Season is HERE!

Oh boy.. oh boy!!!

Holiday Season is HERE!

UGH, I know is the exact emotion as you clicked to read this. You know so well that every time this season rolls around there's that main feeling of "ugh" not again. I get it trust me.

Here's the thing about the holiday season, it sucks when you don't have a family to spend them with, and the people that do have a family with complain about it. Holiday season is easy for no one because we have so much tension making the specific day or season perfect, and the time we actually can spend together for the day or days, it's complaining who didn't do something right.

If we didn't try to make everything perfect for once maybe the holidays would be an easier time for everyone. Maybe for once we'd actually love spending time with each other when we're not down each other's throats. What people fail to realize that holidays are never about what's on the table or what music is being played or what gift you get but instead about spending time together, whether it be a day or days or hours together laughing making memories that you'll talk about in the future maybe with your grand kids. It shouldn't matter what is going on in everyone's lives you're never too busy to make at least 20 minutes to spend time with them. Even if you work, go before a shift, or after shift. If you're out of town make time to see everyone another day. Holidays aren't really about a specific day to be honest that's why we all refer to it as the holiday season. No family is perfect. No family doesn't fight. No family doesn't yell at each other. But at the end of the day family is family, and all differences should be placed aside, no matter what they are. Family are the ones who will be there for you always, or at least they should be. Holiday season is not the time to pick a fight over something that happened months ago, it's over now. Holiday season reminds us all the things that we used to be mad at each other for, was pointless and doesn't matter and that you truly love each other. No many how many metaphorical knives you've thrown at each other during the year should be left in that year. The Holiday season is when you start to let go of all of it, start over. Before you know it the new year will be here and no one wants to enter a new year with last year's problems. Leave the past in the past and remember these are the people that stuck with you through puberty, through every first that you ever had in your life, to be completely honest whether it's blood family or people who are your family by law it doesn't matter. Family is family no matter what. Families are supposed to fight, supposed to push us to be better, and love us. A perfect family remembers that no matter what happened hours before, days before, months before, years before that at the end of the day they still love you and would do anything for you.

So maybe instead of trying to make this holiday season perfect, spend time hugging your loved ones, spend time with them, remind them how much you love them. Granted you should be doing all of this year round, but everyone knows the magic of the holidays has everyone seeing that love, spending time with them and hugs even more special.


May your turkey be stuffed with not perfect stuffing.

May your apple pie have a little too much sugar in it.

May your cornbread not be as moist as it usually is.

Maybe your table cloth not be totally straight on the table.

May your decorations not go in a specific place.

May the Christmas tree not be complete straight.

May the ornaments not be completely spaced out perfectly.

May your Christmas wrapping not have a perfect flat edge.

May some of your presents to others not be wrapped at all.

May you forget the pumpkin pie at home, and you don't turn around for it.

May you laugh so much your stomach hurts.

May you smile so much, your cheek bones actually hurt.

May your outfit not be perfectly themed.

May you talk about good memories.

May you talk about the happy memories about the ones who no longer are with us.

May you be a little late instead perfectly on time.

May your dinner be served at 5:47 instead of promptly at 5:45.

May your presents be surprises instead of knowing what it is before you open it.

May you have a football game in the backyard instead of updating your Facebook status.

May your hair not be curled perfectly.

May your tie not be straight.

May you drink more and worry less. (as long as you're of age)

May you tell your loved ones you love them.

May you sing your favorite songs, so loudly and so badly.

May your holiday season be full of laughs instead of tears.

May your holiday season be full of relaxation instead of stress.

Worry Less. Yell less.

Laugh more. Love more.

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