It may be nearing the end of the winter, but don't spend these last few weeks shoveling snow, get out and ski the snow! If you haven't gone yet this season because of all the usual excuses of "it hasn't snowed much here, I bet the mountain doesn't have much snow either", "it's SO cold out, I do not want to be at the top of a mountain" or "I just have so much to do, I really don't have the time", it's time to go. For all of you lucky people who have February vacation this week, grab your poles. For my fellow college students, we all need a break from class so pick a day, or a weekend and hit the slopes. It's also suppose to be beautiful this week and wonderfully warm enough where all the snow won't melt away but you can totally get away with a few less layers than usual so you really have no excuse to not go.

There is nothing like the feeling of whizzing down the mountain side, with a fresh winter breeze in your face and the beautiful mountain scenery all around you, and the sound of your skis carving through the snow. The slight burn in your quads quickly goes away when the chair lift whisks you back to the top of the mountain, so you get to enjoy the experience of flying down all over again. And if you're lucky, your chair lift ride up will be filled with the warm sun on your face - something you have definitely missed feeling all winter. Every time I sit on the chair lift I always love to watch the people skiing down below me, and looking around at all of the trees, mountain top views and the beautiful clouds in the sky. I wish I could take a picture on the way up but knowing me I would drop my phone...or my gloves...or my poles. Actually, I'd probably drop everything.

So, go pack your ski bag, dig out your goggles and your extra warm socks, find some gloves you may or may not mind losing - depending if you're like me or not - and get ready to go skiing. It's already February, and sadly the mountains won't be open forever so your time is running out. Seriously, go pack your car. Don't forget to pack some munchies for the way up too. Even if you have never skied before, or you haven't gone in years, get up and go anyway. This is your time to learn/get back in the saddle. You really will have a great time outside, soaking up the fresh air and regaining a little bit of sun on your face.

P.S. Please don't be that person that stops literally in the middle of the trail to take a selfie. I know you can't drop your phone and gloves and poles in the middle of the trail, but... you're in the middle of the trail.

Happy Skiing :)