10 Things That Happen To Every Hispanic Student While Sitting Through Their Zoom Lectures
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10 Things That Happen To Every Hispanic Student While Sitting Through Their Zoom Lectures

"Estas en un Zoom? Ni Zoom ni que nada, lava los trastes!"

10 Things That Happen To Every Hispanic Student While Sitting Through Their Zoom Lectures

Classes have started up and once again, I sit in my basement, logging on to Zoom all day. I'll admit, classes aren't as bad as they were last spring. It's definitely not fun, but it's doable in the right environment. However, a Hispanic household is probably not the best environment for online classes, so here are 10 thoughts every Hispanic student has during their Zoom lectures at home.

1. Is the mic muted? Good. OK, let's just check again.

Just in case.

2. Younger siblings will enter your "school space" to see who's on your screen.

...whatcha doin?

3. "Who are those people?" "...No clue, and I may never know."

Just smile and wave.

4. Another younger sibling will come to you with a plate of fruit your mother cut up for you.

Sorry professor, can we pause the lecture? My immigrant mother has cut up some fruit for me.

5. Your father will peek into your "office" and ask, "Who are you talking to?" the one moment you have your mic on. The whole class hears.

This once happened during a final of mine last spring. Fun times.

6. You make a lot of concerned faces as you hear your siblings yelling in the house.

Your classmates probably think something is seriously wrong in your house with the amount of worried looks you give to the stairs.

7. Actually, there's just constantly a lot of small children noises.

Always. Forever.

8. Most of these noises are made by small children you are not related to. They just appeared.

I think all the small children of my neighborhood congregate solely at my house.

9. You shout this at least twice a day: "Mamá, estoy en un Zoom!"

I really do have a valid reason as to why I can't do the dishes right now, Mamá.

10. The response: "Ah! Pues cuando terminas lavame los trastes!" Again, the whole class hears.

It's always the dishes.

I love the fam, don't get me wrong. There's no other university in the world where someone would give me sliced fruit. Good luck this semester, y'all.

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