Highlights From This Week's Bachelorette Episode
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Highlights From This Week's Bachelorette Episode

Spoiler alert!

Highlights From This Week's Bachelorette Episode

After watching the episode from this past week, I can honestly say that this season of the Bachelorette is proving to be one of the most dramatically pleasing seasons of all time. Well, folks, the time has come- Chad has officially left the building. And for the boys, welcome to Uruguay! With every romantic twist and turn in the show, this episode gradually became more and more jam-packed with drama. Here are some of the top highlights from this week’s episode:

Jordan is clearly leading the pack.

He seems like the obvious frontrunner after his seductive smooch and one-on-one date. From the get-go, Jordan charmed us all with his winning smile and quarterback arms. It is clear that he is proving to be a serious threat to the other men in the competition.

A new destination for the show is revealed.

Jojo and the boys have relocated to the beautiful Uruguay! Talk about an international love, am I right? And thank god, because I was getting very sick of having the boring sights of Pennsylvania as a backdrop…

Jojo’s sneaky past was confronted.

There seems to be a recurring pattern with the name Chad and its association to utter ridiculousness. Apparently Jojo’s ex-boyfriend Chad spilled the beans to a tabloid magazine about a secret relationship that occurred throughout the taping of the Bachelor. I’m not all too sure how confident I am that Jojo is telling the truth, but the boys are certainly taking her side. There was almost a universal sense of focusing more on the future than on the past.

Robby gets serious.

Robby never seemed to be much of a competition throughout the course of the season. However, America saw a different side of Robby this week. He grew the confidence to vent to Jojo about the loss of his best friend. After opening up during his personal one-on-one, and showing off his his sexy, Spanish speaking skills, Robby became a force to be reckoned with during this week's episode.

Farewell to a few.

While many believe it was long overdue that Evan went home, I always sort of liked him. While he lacked the pretty boy looks that many other men possess on the show, his quirkiness made him stand out to me. As for Grant and Vinny…well, they were hardly relevant to the show. They lacked the “it” factor.

What predictions do you have for the future episodes? Do you think Jordan’s streak is going to continue strong or will his spark burn out? Do we see one of the underdogs making a comeback? Leave your comments below! Until next week, Bachelor(ette) nation…

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