High School vs. College
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Student Life

High School vs. College

The Top 10 Biggest Differences

High School vs. College
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High school and college are to polar opposites; there is no question about it. One of the biggest changes when you start college, is having to change your routine, and basically your whole life. However, there are 10 major changes that everyone in college is aware of.

1. Clothing

High school is surrounded with dress codes, the newest fashions, and uncomfortable shoes. In college,the reality is, no one cares what you wear. There is no dress code and you can wear hats, shorts, and crop tops.

2. Friends

In high school, friends revolve around cliques and gossip. Thankfully, in college, this is not the case. You can be friends with whoever you want, and these friendships are revolved around similar interests and not

around the newest gossip. One of the best things, is that the connections are deeper than any connections you made in high school.

3. Professors

In high school, you know all the teachers going into the first day of classes. College, however, is a mystery. Every teacher is different and you have to learn their style of teaching and grading in order to be successful in their class. However, it is always fun to compare professors!

4. Quality of Education

High school is fun, but you don't have a very strict learning environment. I remember never taking things too seriously and being able to slide by with help from friends. In college, you have to put in the work, pay attention, and spend hours studying. Plus, it is hard to get help from classmates because everyone is usually lost!

5. Homework

High school homework seemed like the worst thing ever, but in reality, it is a piece of cake. College homework is studying your notes every night, even if there isn't a test the next day. College homework is actually doing the reading and preparing for the lecture. College homework is so much more in depth than that of high school.

6. Library Time

In high school, it is very rare to spend time in the library (unless your attempting to get out of class). College students live in the library. If you're not in class or attempting to catch up on sleep, you're in the library. So, find your favorite spot, because it will be your second home on campus.

7. Sleep Schedule

High school allows you to sleep a decent amount every night and still get everything done. College students are either sleep deprived or behind on class work. College students catch up on sleep every chance they get, because chances are, they were up until one or two in the morning.

8. Diet

The freshman fifteen is real. In high school, you had decently healthy meals every lunch and dinner. College, however, ruins all of that. Students could be grabbing a candy bar on the way to class or just getting to dinner at 9 at night. There is no routine.

9. Independence

High school independence in very minimal. You are told where to be and when. You have curfew. You check in with your parents. College is completely opposite. You can come and go as you please, and most time your parents don't know what you are doing every second of everyday. Your independence is through the roof in college.

The most obvious, is the price. In high school, cost was very minimal, if existent. However, college costs are bank breaking. You pay for so much odds and ends, it is a wonder we aren't broke!

College and high school have similarities, but overall, the two are extremely different!

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