7 Things High School Teachers Said About College That Were Lies
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I know I can't be the only one that had teachers in high school that tried every scare tactic possible to prepare us for college.

Now did those stick with me? Of course they did. However, did I find what these teachers told me to be accurate?

For the most part, not at all.

1. College professors don't care if you show up to class.

While sometimes I wish this was true (especially after pulling an all-nighter for an exam or paper), professors, in fact, do care. Every professor I have has so far has given a grade for attendance, and after so many absences, it is a certain amount docked off your final grade. With this being said, use those "free skips" wisely, because when you are actually sicker than sick, you will wish you had one.

2. College professors don't care if you pass or fail.

Now, I am actually very happy to say that this is false. Countless times my high school teachers told me that the professors are there to teach and that they get paid either way. So, if you actually pass the class or not is of no importance to them. I am thankful that professors do care because knowing that your professor is approachable and wants to do whatever they can to help you pass is reassuring. Professors care about you passing their class and they want you to graduate.

3. Professors never accept late work.

Some professors will not accept late work, however, if you have a legitimate reason that your work cannot be turned in on time, I have found professors to help you out. This isn't a reason to not be on top of your schoolwork but if worst comes to worst, professors are very understanding. As stated above, they want to see you succeed just as much as you want to succeed.

4. Go in with a declared major.

This is especially important to students that are applying to college because it is not necessary to declare a major right away. While yes, if you do know what you want to do and are sure of it, you will be fine. But, if you are unsure, going in undeclared is the best way to go. Lots of colleges and universities have programs for undeclared students, and major/minor fairs are there for students to explore their interests. Declaring a major once, in my opinion, is much easier than having to switch your major around.

5. Professors are much more strict than in high school.

While in some ways, yes, professors are more strict (personally I find it in their grading policies), they are much more relaxed in other areas. If a professor doesn't want to have class, it is canceled as easy as that with no need for a substitute. Along with this, if they want to cut class short or change up the lesson plan, they will do so.

6. All you will have time to do is study, and you will get a lot of homework.

Studying is very important, of course, but you still have time for a social life in college. Since you only have a few classes in a day, you can spend the rest of the time doing homework whenever is best for you. The best part of being in college is not having to be in school for 8 hours a day, so take advantage of the extra time you have in your day. Your classwork is important and you need to do it to get good grades, but college allows you to have time for fun as well.

7. Professors will not give you their materials, so learning proper note-taking is crucial.

I was all prepared for no power points or worksheets that I could print out, but boy was I wrong! Almost all of my professors upload the class lectures online after class so that when studying or doing homework we can reference them. Of course, there are professors that do not give us their power points and knowing how to take proper handwritten notes is needed. Just do not think that you won't have them. With this as well, professors usually let students take notes on their computers or even voice record their lectures, so do not be afraid to ask because professors are very accommodating.

College is a great time to learn about yourself, and find your interests! Do not let what anyone else says about college scare you until you actually step on foot of campus your freshman year!

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