High School Student's First Thoughts When Looking At 'Scream'
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High School Student's First Thoughts When Looking At 'Scream'

'I want my own dream, so bad I'm gonna scream!'

High School Student's First Thoughts When Looking At 'Scream'

High School Musical portrayed the dream school, East High that we all wanted to attend. Everyone danced and was happy , even on Mondays! We grew up watching the cast of High School Musical grow into the wonderful actors and genuine people that they are today. It’s fascinating to see Zac Efron as a teenager in musicals and now he’s in almost every comedy rated- R movie there is with a rockin’ body! One of his many performances in his High School Musical career was one of my favorites, a song titled Scream . During this point in the movie, Troy Bolton was facing the decision of choosing Juilliard to be closer to his girlfriend Gabriella Montanez and to pursue acting and basketball, or to choose a different college just to play basketball to please his father who is also the high school basketball coach. All seniors go through that tough decision Troy was facing, choosing what school he really wanted to attend and what he wanted to do in college and his song Scream definitely portrayed his frustration with his choices. As much as we find this song relatable to how we feel in high school, most of it is false.

Balls fly out of nowhere and strobe lights are going off once he gets upset- Drama Queen. How did one of those balls not bounce on his head?

  1. A rotating room, now that's pretty cool. I see that anyways when I don't have my coffee !
  2. These are beyond cute. I think Troy and Gabriella was the best couple Disney Channel ever created. Troy can't figure out what he should do without her beside him! Gabriella was off to start school early, and Troy has to go though his senior year without her. What would their ship name be?Troyella(Leave me down in the comments what you think it should be!)?
  3. Vandalism Troy!? I know you hate school, but it's not the poor lockers' fault.
    The janitors just cleaned those.
  4. Flashbacks from High School musical 2 the feels... As shown, Troy is always the one who can bring some positivity to the other Wild Cats. Its the other way around when Troy's deciding which school to go to.
  5. I should start working out He does a push up, a side plank, and a sit up.
  6. How did he get access to the theater after school? Did he pay the janitors $20 extra to stay? ho has the time to get that coordinated in high school?
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